Colts Power Rankings: 2011, Week 9

Each week, Coltzilla will scour the net for team rankings from football experts covering the previous week, and discuss them from the fan’s perspective.

Average Ranking: 32.00 (previously 31.88) – Thirty-second. Bottom. And it’s unanimous. According to the experts, the Colts are the worst team in the NFL. Anyone still disagree?

CBS Sports – Pete Prisco – 32nd (no change): They are the “Suck for Luck” leaders now, and we have no sign they won’t be the winners. Jacksonville this week gives them a chance for their first victory.

ESPN – 32nd (no change): They’re not showing any real week-to-week improvement and now are the favorites in the Andrew Luck derby. (Kuharsky)

Fox Sports – 32nd (no change): The carnage continues with people now questioning the front office. The Colts just need something to hang their hats on for better days. Owner Jim Irsay says the problems are identifiable. He should probably spell those out for the fans so they know what to look forward to.

WEEI in Boston – 32nd (no change): Another loss, another week closer to becoming the winner of the Andrew Luck sweepstakes. One draft pick won’t transform this team into a contender again. Bill Polian has a lot of work to do in the offseason. The Colts have scored just 24 points in their last three games.

Pro Football Talk – 32nd (-1): The true definition of ‘rats who lie about people’? Anyone who would suggest that the Colts aren’t the worst team in the league.

Sports Illustrated – Don Banks – 32nd (no change): Speaking of coaches in trouble, did Indy’s Jim Caldwell really say of his Colts: ‘You can see that they are going to fight you until the end.’ This is a team that lost 62-7 a few weeks back. This is a team that has dropped its past three games by an average of 32 points. So I don’t know which Colts team Caldwell is watching, but it’s not the one playing on Sundays in the NFL. Indy has been outscored by 155 points this season, easily the worst point differential in the league, and that’s a margin of more than 17 per game.

Walter Football – 32nd (no change): [Click the link if you want to read another senseless rambling about some wacko (supposed) Colts fan. On second thought, ‘just keep moving’ would be my advice.]

Yahoo Sports – 32nd (no change): Everyone wants the Colts on the schedule this season.