Colts Power Rankings: 2011, Week 7

Each week, Coltzilla will scour the net for team rankings from football experts covering the previous week, and discuss them from the fan’s perspective.

Average Ranking: 31.38 (previously 31.13) – About as close to the bottom as you can get, and looking at the rest of the Colts’ 2011 schedule, this isn’t going to get any easier.

CBS Sports – Pete Prisco – 32nd (no change): OK, it’s time. Just give the MVP to Peyton Manning. Can one man mean that much? Yes, Pete. He can – when he’s the greatest to ever play the position. I recently heard Colin Cowherd say that Manning was ‘the most valuable’ while Brady was ‘the best’. He then when on to say more stupid stuff.

ESPN – Kuharsky – 32nd (no change): No matter how professional coaches and players are, things are bound to start to come apart. (Kuharsky) That applies to fans too, Paul. Between the ‘Fire Caldwell’, ‘Fire Polian’, and ‘Suck for Luck’ crowds, there’s not much intelligent discussion going on in Indy these days.

Fox Sports – 32nd (-1): This goes beyond just the loss of Peyton Manning. There are several teams at the bottom of this list without a quarterback that would not have lost to the Saints 62-7. Can’t argue with this. We’re witnessing a perfect storm of sorts, and it’s not fun.

WEEI in Boston – 32nd (no change): Whether Jeff Saturday said it or not, the Colts were ‘out-coached’, and have major issues. We knew the Colts were going to be bad without Peyton Manning, but it’s been surprising to see how hard this team has fallen. The defense has been horrendous. Freeney and Mathis haven’t been the dominant players we are used to seeing. Seven weeks into the season, the Colts are allowing 32 points-per-game. Jeff definitely said it. Sounds like Caldwell said it too, and Jeff was merely repeating it. Either way, poor coaching – no matter how bad – can’t account for the poor play by the players actually on the field.

Pro Football Talk – 30th (no change): Don’t be shocked if Jim Irsay gets rid of everyone except Peyton Manning. I don’t see Jim Irsay as the type who would start over in Peyton’s final run. They’ll make some tweaks, but I expect to see Caldwell and both Polians next year.

Sports Illustrated – Don Banks – 32nd (no change): I’m really not much of a conspiracy theorist — I even buy the single-bullet theory — but it does make for a nice, neatly wrapped package that the Colts happen to have the worst record in the NFL and Bill Polian’s son, Brian, happens to be a Stanford assistant coach and recruiting coordinator. Not that you need an inside source to know that Stanford quarterback Andrew Luck is the guy to go with atop next April’s draft. Pffft.

Walter Football – 30th (no change): Beloved GameCenter poster and Colts fan Taton was spazzing out during his team’s 62-7 loss to the Colts: [Ed: Click the link to read more]

Yahoo Sports – 31st (-1): The Colts packed it in. What else can you say after a 62-7 loss? Sorry, not buying it.