Colts Power Rankings: 2011, Week 3

Each week, Coltzilla will scour the net for team rankings from football experts covering the previous week, and discuss them from the fan’s perspective.

Three losses, and I’m depressed. But Sunday night, the defense had me smiling. Yes, Pittsburg’s offensive line is terrible. But it was pure heaven watching Rob Mathis and Dwight Freeney remind everyone why they are the most dangerous defensive end combo in the NFL.

But was a strong defensive performance enough to convince the experts? Let’s see if any of them found anything positive to say.

Average Ranking: 30.25 (previously 30.0) – Ugh. Dropped again. And one last place vote. Apparently, being one bad block away from a win against a pretty good Steelers team isn’t enough to impress these guys.

CBS Sports – Pete Prisco – 30th (-1): Is it Curtis Painter time in Indy? Why not? Kerry Collins isn’t the answer. – [I think the answer is yes, even if Collins isn’t hurt. I kept hoping the ineptitude Kerry displayed early on was due solely to an unfamiliarity with his receivers. I was wrong. He makes bad decisions; on one play, he stands in the pocket like a statue. On another, he steps up INTO the rush. He throws dangerous passes into coverage, has apparently never learned to look off a safety, and misses wide open receivers… most of them overthrows. So thanks for trying, Kerry, but I’ll take my lumps with Painter. I just hope three years behind the best quarterback to ever play the game has rubbed off some. And maybe long-forgotten Anthony Gonzalez will get some targets with Curtis at the helm.]

ESPN – Kuharsky – 30th (no change): It will be hard to match the defensive effort that kept the Colts in the game with the Steelers. (Kuharsky) – [Sunday, we saw a defensive masterpiece. And yes, that’s near impossible to sustain. But it shouldn’t take a defensive masterpiece every week to win games. This offense has got to start scoring points… like now.]

Fox Sports – 29th (no change): You have to admire the fight of the Colts, particularly after getting behind early against the Steelers. They actually ran the ball pretty well and stopped the run on defense. That’s what this team has to do without Manning. – [It’s nice to read a bit of encouragement. It’s a nice change from the recent ‘Suck for Luck’ idiocy.]

WEEI in Boston – 32nd (-1): Just place Peyton Manning on IR and be done with it. If Manning is able to return, it will be too late to help salvage the season anyway. By the time Manning may be ready, the Colts will want to lose so they can guarantee the team has a top 3 draft pick. It’s time to eliminate the distraction and give this current Colts team the best chance to win now. The players in the locker room don’t need to be continually answering questions on the possible return of No. 18. – [There is just so much wrong with this paragraph I don’t know where to start. If they have a replacement player that could come in and make a real difference, then fine, IR Peyton. But they don’t. No one player (sans Peyton himself) can come in here and make a difference. The Colts need to keep Manning active – if not for this year, then for an opportunity to evaluate him late in prep for next year. And that, friends, has to happen prior to the Draft. And then to insinuate that the Colts will WANT to lose? Them’s fightin’ words, Boston. Oh, and you can shove your last-place vote!]

Pro Football Talk – 29th (+1): Jim Irsay has a better chance of playing quarterback for the Colts this year than Peyton Manning. – [Not a bad idea. Maybe he could confuse them with random song lyrics.]

Sports Illustrated – Don Banks – 31st (-1): The Colts put up a pretty good fight against the Steelers at home Sunday night, but fortunately they didn’t do something silly and short-sighted like pull off the upset and ruin their standing in the Andrew Luck sweepstakes. As I said in last week’s rankings, and Colts owner Jim Irsay tried to be candid about a few days later, no one should expect to see Peyton Manning playing in 2011. There is nothing to come back to in Indianapolis this season. – [Luck? Shut up, Banks.]

Walter Football – 31st (no change): Beloved GameCenter poster Taton, an avid Colts fan, is very frustrated. Here’s his most recent post about the Colts: “no dream of playoff this year Colts the president sux the coach sux the team sux”. Come on, Taton. I know you’re angry, but please leave President Obama out of this. He’s screwed plenty of other things up, but he had nothing to do with your team’s demise. – [I don’t know where Taton learned English, but the folks at Walter Football seem to be enjoying the misery Colts fans are going through right now.]

Yahoo Sports – 30th (no change): The Colts played big on defense vs. Roethlisbeger and the Steelers, but the QB situation isn’t going to cut it. – [Agreed, and we may see a change at starting QB this week.]