Colts Power Rankings: 2011, Week 12

Each week, Coltzilla will scour the net for team rankings from football experts covering the previous week, and discuss them from the fan’s perspective.

Average Ranking: 32.00 (previously 32.00) No change. No life. No hope.

CBS Sports – Pete Prisco – 32nd (no change): Is it Suck for Luck? Or stink for Matt Barkley? They are going to pick first. But who is it? [I’ve now resigned myself to the idea that the Colts will have the 1st pick overall next April. That’s it. That’s as much as I can handle right now. Talk to me in February about who to pick. That’s when I’ll be ready to admit that maybe… maybe… players like Brackett, Saturday, and Wayne shouldn’t be re-signed. Until then, I’m firmly in denial.]

ESPN – 32nd (no change): At his current rate of improvement, Curtis Painter will be serviceable by the 2042 season. (Kuharsky) [How does negative improvement, stretched over time, become ‘serviceable’? I’m no math wiz, but that makes no sense, Paul. Painter is worse now than he was early in the year.]

Fox Sports – 32nd (no change): Why are the Colts still holding out hope that Peyton Manning can practice in December? What’s the point? [Somebody’s not been paying attention. It’s not about 2011. It’s about the future. 2011 is lost. The team has to test Manning to see if he can play next year and beyond. Why is that such a difficult concept?]

WEEI in Boston – 32nd (no change): The Colts are losing by an average of 16 points per game. It has been shocking to see how hard this team has fallen because of the loss of just one player. Nine straight seasons with a playoff appearance was a remarkable accomplishment. However, the way the Colts have collapsed in such a short period of time says a lot about the whole organization. The players, coaches, front office and ownership are all responsible. [I still don’t get why everyone is so shocked. A team designed for Peyton Manning, without Peyton Manning, just isn’t going to be very good. While I wish the coaches had been daring enough to try a major adjustment here and there (maybe forget their iron-clad 60/40 pass/run split and… you know… run more?), the truth is you don’t change who you are in a single season.]

Pro Football Talk – 32nd (no change): “If we fire the defensive coordinator, maybe people won’t think we’re trying to get the first pick in the draft.” [Cute, guys. Now shut up.]

Sports Illustrated – Don Banks – 32nd (no change): Here’s the good news, Dan Orlovsky: You’re the Colts new starting quarterback. Congrats. Now here’s the bad news, D.O.: Indy plays at New England and at Baltimore the next two weeks. So was this a reward or a punishment, and is Curtis Painter the real winner in this scenario? [Normally, I dread reading this guy. He says some of the most outlandish and downright ignorant and hateful things. But he’s right this time. I can’t find it in me to congratulate Dan on his good fortune. It’s gonna be ugly.]

Walter Football – 32nd (no change): ? [meh]

Yahoo Sports – ?: [Ok, is it me? Two weeks in a row, Yahoo fails to link to page 2? Am I missing it? If you see a link to page 2, please let me know.]