Colts Power Rankings: 2011, Week 11

Each week, Coltzilla will scour the net for team rankings from football experts covering the previous week, and discuss them from the fan’s perspective.

Average Ranking: 32.00 (previously 32.00) – Does not include Yahoo’s ranking. See below.

CBS Sports – Pete Prisco – 32nd (no change): They come off their bye just trying to win a game. Is 0-16 going to happen? It might. [Yes, it might. But it won’t be for lack of effort. At least Pete isn’t claiming the team has tanked.]

ESPN – 32nd (no change): The Colts’ defense has been shredded by lesser teams than Carolina. (Kuharsky) [Watch, the Colts will lose to Carolina but beat New England the week after. Please?]

Fox Sports – 32nd (no change): The Colts finally got through a weekend without a loss, even if it was their bye week. [Sad but true – the week off may be the highlight of the season thus far.]

WEEI in Boston – 32nd (no change): The No. 1 overall pick in the 2012 draft is just a couple of weeks away from being wrapped up by the Colts. Indy’s remaining schedule includes games against the Patriots, Ravens and Texans. [It ain’t over until the fat lady says it’s over. Was it over when the Germans bombed Pearl Harbor?]

Pro Football Talk – 32nd (no change): Jim Irsay could be donning a sweater vest by Christmas. [Now that’s just plain silly. Why would Irsay wear a sweater vest just because he hired Jim Tressel? I mean, he hired Jim Caldwell and doesn’t spend his days staring unblinking.]

Sports Illustrated – Don Banks – 32nd (no change): With Carolina visiting this week, a Week 15 home game against Tennessee and a regular-season finale at Jacksonville, I think the Colts still have three legitimate chances to get a victory. Not that I would pick them to win any of those games, but they have a shot if things fall their way and the other team under-performs. Good thing the people of Indianapolis have the Super Bowl to look forward to, because this can’t feel like the kind of holiday season they’re accustomed to. [Don must be feeling his holiday spirit. He actually passed up a chance to insult the Colts.]

Walter Football – 32nd (no change): ??? [It just gets weirder every week. Click if you must.]

Yahoo Sports – ? (): ??? [The link points to page one of Yahoo’s rankings. The Colts are apparently somewhere on page two, but Yahoo failed to include a link.]