Colts Part Ways with Legendary Offensive Coordinator Tom Moore

Although no official word from the Colts franchise has confirmed it, Paul Kuharsky of ESPN’s AFC South blog has done some digging and found that legendary offensive coordinator Tom Moore has slipped out the back door. This is disheartening news for any long-time Colts fan as Moore had the great honor to introduce Peyton Manning to the NFL and collaborate with him to operate one of the greatest offenses in league history. Moore’s exit coincides with the off-season decision handed down by Jim Caldwell and the Colts front office to part ways with legendary running back coach Gene Huey. Farewell Tom and thank you for all of your contributions to the greatest run of success in Indianapolis Colts team history.

The bad news about Moore’s departure is — as Kuharsky’s story points out — that Tennessee Titans Head Coach Mike Munchak nearly lured Moore away from the Colts to take over there as offensive coordinator (imagine him running the offense for a team in the AFC South) and that Moore met with the New York Jets to discuss red-zone scoring. This is certainly not good news for Colts fans, and while it hurts to know that both within the conference and division, Moore may be meeting with opponents who seek knowledge they would have previously not been able glean — as Moore has been the Colts Offensive Coordinator (or special assistant) since Manning entered the league in 1998.