Colts Bolster Linebackers with Former First Round Pick Ernie Sims

When Clint Session left Indianapolis for the Jacksonville Jaguars two things entered my mind. First, the best three linebackers on the Colts were still in town — Conner, Brackett, Angerer. Second, losing Session is certainly a loss of experience and solid depth. So when Adam Schefter confirmed that Indianapolis signed former First Round (ninth overall) linebacker Ernie Sims, things felt a lot better.

Understand that fans for two different teams have regularly complained that while Sims is a hard-hitter (much like Session), but he is guilty of over-pursuing and getting out of position far more than fans would like to see (much like Session). The difference between the two players is that Sims has three years with over 113 tackles on his resume and Session has only one over 100. The bad news is that those three years were Sims’ first three in the league, and he has dropped off significantly in the last two seasons.

Ultimately, this signing should provide a player who is very similar to Clint Session on his face, even playing as he has played the last two seasons. On the upside, if Sims works with Indianapolis and is able to return to his playing form from early in his career, the Colts will have added a starting caliber linebacker for cheap who will have a major impact on the field in 2011.

In either case, the Sims and Anderson moves were low-risk, high-reward acquisitions that bolster the team’s depth at two defensive positions. They add experience and unique play styles and should make the Colts more adaptable to opponents.