Colts Announce First Wave of Roster Cuts

With the first roster cut deadline of Tuesday, September 30, looming, the Colts have already announced the cuts that will take them to the 80-man limit.  According to Phil B. Wilson of the Indy Star, the following players were cut today:

  • OG Josh Beekman
  • OT Casey Bender
  • QB Mike Hartline
  • WR Joe Horn
  • RB Devin Moore
  • S Chip Vaughn

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The following players were waived/injured:

  • LB Cody Glenn
  • S Mike Newton

The only two surprises for me were Devin Moore and Chip Vaughn.  I thought Moore showed that he had returned from shoulder surgery last year and ran the ball well in the first two preseason games, but the fact that he wasn’t featured against Green Bay may have been telling.  What surprised me about Vaughn was that his release wasn’t announced in Jim Caldwell’s press conference on Friday night.

It’s disheartening to see that a player like Cody Glenn was cut, too.  But as they say, one of the key abilities in the NFL is availability.  I don’t believe Glenn had had much time in practice, and a linebacker with a neck injury would not have been useful to the Colts.

Don’t forget that any one of these players could make his return to the Colts via practice squad or as a late-season addition based on health issues that arise throughout the year.  But these earlier cuts typically don’t produce those players.