UPDATE II: Injury Expert Will Carroll “Sources Say Manning to Throw Soon”

WISH TV is reporting that Jim Irsay, during a breakfast with Super Bowl donors, announced that QB Peyton Manning would be done for the remainder of the season.  The report goes on to say that Manning would not be able to practice until December at the earliest.  We will update this story once Manning to the IR becomes official.

Peyton Manning looks on as the Colts prepare for the Pittsburgh Steelers on Sunday night. (AJ Mast | AP Photo)


Irsay just tweeted an update: 

I didn’t say Peyton out 4season FOR SURE,keeping him on ActiveRoster n taking it month by month/Outside chance of return n December possible


Sports Illustrated’s injury expert Will Carroll tweets:

Absolutely no change in mannings rehab or medical status. Hopes to throw very soon per sources.