Bad Picks: Beyond BLOGGERdome, Introduction/Week 1

Hello survivors of the Peytocalypse! As law and order begins to break down in our once idyllic society the time has come for a BloggerHero to step up, to inspire the people, to once again bring smiles to their faces and warmth to their hearts!

Well, that is not what we are about here. You will have to find rainbows and kittens elsewhere. No, this is about bloodshed! Many Bloggers enter, perhaps none get out alive. Welcome to… The BLOGGERDOME.

Each week your favorite Colts bloggers will pick the score and outcome of the Colts game. Every blogtestant that incorrectly picks the winner will immediately be… “eliminated.” If no blogtestant picks the outcome incorrectly, the blogtestant with the most incorrect score will be eliminated.

The last blogtestant standing will become our new BloggerHero, and will be serenaded by none other than Tina Turner!* He will be loved and adored by the people.** And his rise to power will signal the return of Peyton Manning, in time to help lead the Colts to the Super Bowl.***

*totally making stuff up as I go
**Still making it up
***Seriously, I have no clue what I’m talking about

The Picks:  Week 1

Greg Cowan           (Coltzilla) – Texans – 21, Colts – 17

Brett Mock             (Coltzilla) – Texans27, Colts – 23

Laura Calaway      (Coltzilla) – Texans – 30, Colts – 10

TJ Higley               (Coltzilla) – Texans – 27, Colts – 20

Jake Crocker         (Coltzilla) – Colts – 27, Texans – 20

Travis Tango         (Coltzilla) – Colts - 24,  Texans – 20

Nate Dunlevy        (18to88) -   Texans – 38, Colts – 10

Luke Dunlevy        (18to88) -   Texans - 23, Colts – 16

Joe Baker                (18to88) -  Texans - 28,  Colts – 19

Kyle Rodriguez      (Coltsider) – Texans34, Colts – 24

Justin Knox            (Coltsider) – Texans – 31, Colts – 10

Kyle Mason            (Coltsider)- Texans – 27, Colts – 13

Danny Hong          (Coltsider) – Colts – 20, Texans – 17

Matt Grecco          (Stampede Blue) – Texans 34, Colts 27