Around the League: Week 8 Results

Another week, another Colts loss, and a bunch of me screaming “are you serious right now?!”.

San Diego is falling apart. New Orleans dumped a game to St. Louis (quarterbacked by Jay Feeley). The New York Giants had to come back to beat Miami. New England got beaten up by Pittsburgh.

What is going on in this league!?

To the results.

Indianapolis Colts 10 Tennessee Titans 27

It’s hard for me to grasp, even without Peyton Manning, how we lose to Tennessee when Chris Johnson is basically worthless and Matt Hasselbeck is throwing to people we’ve never even heard of. It’s just sick. Every game we lose, the harder this situation is about to get for the Colts come draft time. Good luck to whoever makes that call. -Jared

Jared – 0 for 1

Travis – 0 for 1

New Orleans Saints 21 St. Louis Rams 31

Like the rest of the English-speaking world, I do not understand how a powerhouse like New Orleans loses to the Rams. Let me see if I can. Just checked. Nope. Not happening. Brandon Lloyd and Steven Jackson both had nice games and won the turnover battle. Surprise, surprise. -Jared

Jared – 0 for 2

Travis – 0 for 2

Miami Dolphins 17 New York Giants 20

I’m not nearly as surprised by the outcome as I am by how the game played out. Reggie Bush looked serviceable? Say what? Was he the first to hear the news of the Kardashian/Humphries split? Eli Manning had more yards passing than the Dolphins had on offense. How do you not win by at least 3 touchdowns? -Jared

Jared – 0 for 3

Travis – 0 for 3

Minnesota Vikings 24 Carolina Panthers 21

Carolina quarterback Cam Newton had another spectacular game, but the Panthers missed a game-tying field goal late in the game to seal Minnesota rookie quarterback Christian Ponder’s first win as the Viking starting quarterback. Again I say, I have a feeling we’re going to see these two go head to head  in a few playoff games before it’s all said and done. -Jared

Jared – 1 for 4

Travis – 1 for 4

Arizona Cardinals 27 Baltimore Ravens 30

While I understand that Baltimore is one of the better teams in the league, anytime a team is up 3 touchdowns and loses, the comeback isn’t nearly as indicative as the loss, at least not in my eyes. I expected Baltimore to win this game. I did not expect Arizona to go up 24-3 before halftime, only to choke away the win. -Jared

Jared – 1 for 5

Travis – 2 for 5

Jacksonville Jaguars 14 Houston Texans 24

News flash: Arian Foster is going to get a ton of carries, and if you try to slow down the running game, Matt Schaub is going to fire a lot of strikes. What’s intriguing so far in the AFC South is how dominant the Texans defense has been alongside how balanced the Houston offense has been. Very simply put, the Texans cause teams to go away from their game-plan and are capable of exploiting mismatches on both sides of the ball. -Jared

Jared – 2 for 6

Travis – 2 for 6

Washington Redskins 0 Buffalo Bills 23

It’s not hard to win when you have a balanced offensive attack capable of scoring 20+ points a week and your opponent is simply struggling to get first downs. Buffalo gets another win alongside their first shutout of the season. -Jared

Jared – 3 for 7

Travis – 3 for 7

Detroit Lions 45 Denver Broncos 10

In this case, Matt Stafford > Tim Tebow. Frankly, this game was over before it started and I think everyone knew it. Regardless of the running back situation in Detroit, if you can’t pressure Matt Stafford, he’s going to hurt you with his arm. The Broncos can blame the lack of offensive productivity not only on Tim Tebow, but the absolutely horrible play-calling scheme used in this game. -Jared

Jared – 4 for 8

Travis – 4 for 8

Cincinnati Bengals 32 Seattle Seahawks 12

Andy Dalton and A.J. Green have emerged as one of the most impressive quarterback-wide receiver combinations in the league, especially considering the fact that they are both rookies. What’s so great about trading away Carson Palmer and getting two potential first round draft picks? If the Bengals can slip into the playoffs, those picks are simply a bonus, as it becomes more obvious the Bengals have exactly what they need offensively. -Jared

Jared – 5 for 9

Travis – 5 for 9

Cleveland Browns 10 San Francisco 49ers 20

I’m not sure which is a bigger story: the fact that Colt McCoy is merely a placeholder at the quarterback position or that Alex Smith is playing like a seasoned game manager. If you’re a Browns fan, this is simply more of the same. If you’re a 49ers fan, however, you’re probably in a perpetual state of shock. Kudos. -Jared

Jared – 5 for 10

Travis – 6 for 10 (Even though you picked the game wrong. Again.)

New England Patriots 17 Pittsburgh Steelers 25

I’m not sure what’s going on with the Patriot offense in the last month, but methinks too much change is a bad thing. Cutting Leigh Bodden did not help shore up the secondary as Big Ben threw 50 times and absolutely shredded the Patriot defense. As is already being said, the AFC is wide open. -Jared

Jared – 5 for 11

Travis – 6 for 11

Dallas Cowboys 7 Philadelphia Eagles 34

The Dallas Cowboys found themselves in a 24-point halftime hole and never climbed out as the world saw the first game of the season that the Eagles “dream team” caused nightmares for Dallas on both sides of the ball. -Jared

Jared – 5 for 12

Travis – 7 for 12

San Diego Chargers 20 Kansas City Chiefs 23

This is one of those games where I’m not sure which is more shocking: the fact that Philip Rivers leads the league in turnovers and is taking the choker label away from Tony Romo, or that Kansas City has won 4 games in a row without it’s best offensive player and best defensive player. Regardless, Matt Cassel is playing like he’s the real deal. Don’t shave that beard, Todd Haley. Don’t you dare. -Jared

Jared – 6 for 13

Travis – 7 for 13

Congratulations to Travis for winning the prediction game for the first time all season. You’re only 7 weeks away from tying it up!