Around the League: Week 7 Results

In what many consider to be the ugliest week of football so far this season, we saw our Colts get absolutely embarassed by the Saints, a game between the Seahawks and Browns featuring 9 total points, and somehow the Jaguars beat the Ravens on Monday night. I can’t believe the outcome in all three of those games, principally the Colts, but we won’t go there. -Jared

Atlanta Falcons 23 Detroit Lions 16

As it turns out, you actually need a running back in this league in order to win ball games. Frankly, the Lions sorely missed Jahvid Best and as a result, struggled on offense. The Lions defense will not win you games. Michael Turner had another good game, Roddy White was invisible (again), and Matt Ryan came back from what I thought was a broken ankle to lead the Dirty Bird to another win. What do you know?

Jared – 0 for 1

Travis – 1 for 1

Chicago Bears 24 Tampa Bay Buccaneers 18

The Bears had better pony up and pay Matt Forte his money after this performance. Like I said in the prediction, the Bucs do not present a pass rush capable of bothering Jay Cutler. If you can’t get pressure on the Bears signal-caller, the Chicago offense will hurt you with a balanced attack.  Part of me thinks Tampa lost this game after Earnest Graham went down with Legarrette Blount already on the bench. Regardless, this was a pretty entertaining game and to think, it was played in London. -Jared

Jared – 1 for 2

Travis – 1 for 2

Seattle Seahawks 3 Cleveland Browns 6

That’s right, folks. This game featured 3 field goals and a ton of awful play. There really isn’t much else to say. Peyton Hillis didn’t play and Montario Hardesty is not Peyton Hillis. Marshawn Lynch didn’t play either and trust me, Leon Washington and Justin Forsett are not going to carry your running game. With both teams having no main ball-carrier, passing offenses will struggle to develop a rhythm. This game gets my vote for Worst of the Week. -Jared

Jared – 2 for 3

Travis – 1 for 3

Denver Broncos 18 Miami Dolphins 15

After what felt like a staged comeback (don’t make me say why), two things are certain. First, the Miami Dolphins are officially on team “Suck for Luck”. Second, the Broncos suck. Who in their right mind trades away Brandon Lloyd the same week you decide to switch quarterbacks? Props to Tim Tebow for giving millions of women another reason to buy a #15 jersey for a team they can’t stand to watch play. -Jared

Jared – 3 for 4

Travis – 2 for 4

Houston Texans 41 Tennessee Titans 7

I guess Chris Johnson isn’t who I thought he was (or who I drafted him in fantasy football to be). I figured we’ d see Matt Hasselbeck show his true colors eventually as well. Arian Foster, on the other hand… wow. Just… insane numbers. Raise your hand if you thought Houston would struggle to move the ball without Andre Johnson and wouldn’t be able to challenge someone defensively without Mario Williams? Put your hands up, jerks. That said, is there any question who owns the AFC South this year? I didn’t think so. -Jared

Jared – 3 for 5

Travis –  2 for 5

San Diego Chargers 21 New York Jets 27

I’ve said for awhile that if I weren’t a Colts fan, I’d be a Jets fan. Regardless, I would have never guessed Rex Ryan would put his money where his mouth is and beat the Chargers. The Jets ran the ball well and Mark Sanchez threw 3 touchdown passes to Plaxico Burress. It was good to see Antonio Gates back, but with Philip Rivers and Ryan Mathews struggling, it didn’t matter. Stay classy, San Diego. -Jared

Jared – 3 for 6

Travis – 2 for 6

Washington Redskins 20 Carolina Panthers 33

If there were any questions regarding Cam Newton as an NFL quarterback, I believe they’ve been answered. That said, I’m not taking questions about the Redskins quarterback situation. I simply don’t have the time or energy to devote to how badly Washington is going to be without Tim Hightower, Santana Moss, and a decent game manager at the quarterback position. -Jared

Jared – 3 for 7

Travis – 3 for 7

Kansas City Chiefs 28 Oakland Raiders 0

Like I said in my prediction, I’m not upset about the Carson Palmer trade as much as I was concerned about him playing after 3 days of practice. Darren McFadden went down with an injury and the Kansas City defense had six interceptions. Oy vey. -Jared

Jared – 4 for 8

Travis – 3 for 8

Pittsburgh Steelers 32 Arizona Cardinals 20

I kind of thought, for about a half, that Arizona was going to hang around long enough to spoil this pick for me. Luckily, Beanie Wells (predictably) went down with an injury right about halftime. Mike Wallace is officially a badass and now has eleven 100-yard receiving games in his last seventeen games. That is insane. -Jared

Jared – 5 for 9

Travis –  4 for 9

St. Louis Rams 7 Dallas Cowboys 34

Dear Travis, please read the injury report before you make your picks. Thank you, Management.

As predicted, St. Louis struggled offensively without Sam Bradford, although Brandon Lloyd still got 10 targets and had himself a little game (certainly out-playing a 6th round draft pick). The true story in this game was Cowboy rookie running back DeMarco Murray (thank you for picking up my fantasy teams this week), who rushed 25 times for 253 yards. Frankly, when your running back averages 10 yards a carry, you don’t need to throw. -Jared

Jared – 6 for 10

Travis – 4 for 10

Green Bay Packers 33 Minnesota Vikings 27

Well, the Packers offense didn’t struggle. Adrian Peterson didn’t struggle. What happened here was, outside of a slow start, Minnesota has a budding star in Christian Ponder. Ponder threw well on the run and helped move the offense. This is one of those games where you win by losing. -Jared

Jared – 6 for 11

Travis – 4 for 11

Indianapolis Colts 7 New Orleans Saints 62

In case you didn’t watch, it was like driving up on a trainwreck. It was awful and awesome, you wanted to look away but you couldn’t. I felt like I watched Jim Caldwell, Larry Coyer, Clyde Christensen, and Ray Rychleski coach themselves out of a job. On the flipside, I feel like Jimmy Graham played himself into a Pro Bowl nod and Drew Brees leveled the playing field for NFL MVP. Sad day if you’re a Colts fan, but only if you’re living in the present. -Jared

Jared – 6 for 12

Travis – 5 for 12

Baltimore Ravens 7 Jacksonville Jaguars 12

Yeah, you read that right. For the third time in one week, I felt like I was watching a disaster unfold. Jacksonville came out and hit Baltimore in the mouth. Hard. Maurice Jones-Drew was the MVP of this game, even though he didn’t score. Rarely does a team run for 100 yards against the Ravens. I think we know that the Ravens are tough defensively. I think we found out that the Jaguars have a bit of a bite on both sides of the ball. Jack Del Rio keeps his job another year or two after a win like this. -Jared

Jared – 6 for 13

Travis – 5 for 13