Around the League: Week 13 Results

Another week in the books, and boy, is this playoff scenario set to be a wild one!

Since we missed the Philadelphia/Seattle game, there isn’t much to say. Vince Young is, well, as most Colts fans are able to point out, not really the guy you want under center. LeSean “Shady” McCoy (17 carries, 84 yards and a touchdown) is still one of the hottest running backs in the league, but with a game like the Seahawks’ Marshawn Lynch had (22 carries, 148 yards and 2 touchdowns), it’s easy to see how Seattle won this game. They simply beat the Eagles up on the ground.

Atlanta Falcons 10 Houston Texans 17

Props to Travis for picking this game, which was an upset. Atlanta needed to win this game to keep a hold on the Wild Card spot, but got lucky considering both Chicago and Detroit lost. Atlanta really doesn’t have a good reason for losing this game other than the fact that Houston’s running game is hot regardless as to who is under center. We’ll see how long that trend runs. -Jared

Jared – 0 for 1

Travis – 1 for 1

Tennessee Titans 23 Buffalo Bills 17

Tennessee has officially entered the Wild Card picture, which is absolutely astounding given the injuries and transition the Titans are under. Chris Johnson appears to have returned to form, having posted back-to-back 100+ yard rushing games. The Bills on the other hand, are obviously struggling without Fred Jackson and will continue to rely on scrappy C.J. Spiller to carry the workload. -Jared

Jared – 0 for 2

Travis – 1 for 2

Kansas City Chiefs 10 Chicago Bears 3

Matt Forte goes down and the Bears struggle to find any offense against a below average Chiefs defense that is simply playing out of its shorts lately. By the way, the answer to who the better quarterback goes to Tyler Palko. I apologize, Bears fans, but Caleb Hanie is not it. Just saying. -Jared

Jared - 0 for 3

Travis – 2 for 3

Cincinnati Bengals 7 Pittsburgh Steelers 35

Now that it’s December, the teams we expect to shine are starting to do so. With the Steelers clicking on both sides of the ball, watch out for that Wild Card spot, Cincinnati. It’s about to be gone. -Jared

Jared – 0 for 4

Travis – 3 for 4

Denver Broncos 35 Minnesota Vikings 32

Tim Tebow moves to 6-1 as a starter and don’t look now but the Broncos are winning their Division and are inching closer towards a Playoff birth. Who says prayers don’t get answered (or that defenses start to gel and cover for an under-performing offense)? -Jared

Jared – 1 for 5

Travis – 3 for 5

Indianapolis Colts 24 New England Patriots 31

Holy Orlovsky! The Colts offense showed signs of life with our buddy Dan at quarterback. It’s hard for me to figure whether it’s that the Patriot secondary is absolutely decimated or that Curtis Painter was really that bad. Let’s throw Colts Nation a little bit of a bone and blame it on the former 6th round pick from Purdue. -Jared

Jared – 2 for 6

Travis – 3 for 6

Oakland Raiders 14 Miami Dolphins 34

As I’m writing this, I’m reading my prediction. What do I know about football? Obviously, I don’t pay enough attention to know that the Raiders receiving corps is banged up and let’s face the facts, Michael Bush is not Darren McFadden. -Jared

Jared – 2 for 7

Travis – 3 for 7

New York Jets 34 Washington Redskins 19

I can’t believe I’m actually typing this, but the Jets have actually re-entered the playoff picture as Wild Card contenders. Shonn Greene scored 3 touchdowns in the contest and the Jets scored 21 points in the 4th quarter. Again, blame the Shanahans. -Jared

Jared – 3 for 8

Travis – 4 for 8

Carolina Panthers 38 Tampa Bay Buccaneers 19

Cam Newton is far and away the rookie of the year if I’m voting, and Sunday is a great example as to how to play to his strengths. That is, just give him the ball and let him work. Tampa Bay’s running game didn’t bother to show up and when that happens, the Bucs are in for a train wreck. -Jared

Jared – 4 for 9

Travis – 5 for 9

Baltimore Ravens 24 Cleveland Browns 10

Hey look, someone told John Harbaugh about what happens when he feeds Ray Rice the football. 204 yards rushing later, and Cleveland appears bound for yet another top 10 draft pick. The biggest concern for the Ravens coming out of this game is that Joe Flacco is still having his worst year as an NFL quarterback. -Jared

Jared – 5 for 10

Travis – 6 for 10

Dallas Cowboys 13 Arizona Cardinals 19

Kevin Kolb has come around lately and oddly enough, so have the Cardinal defense. As for Dallas, I’m not sure what’s happening this year, but Miles Austin isn’t THAT important to this team, is he? He is? Well, in that case, someone is getting fired. Right? -Jared

Jared – 5 for 11

Travis – 6 for 11

Green Bay Packers 38  New York Giants 35

Obviously, I’m the one who needs a new hobby. This game featured about as little defense as is generally acceptable. Or was it great offensive play? I’m not sure. Regardless, Aaron Rodgers is the league MVP and it really isn’t that close. -Jared

Jared – 5 for 12

Travis – 6 for 12

St. Louis Rams 0  San Francisco 49ers 26

Someone got spanked. That’s what happened. Alex Smith’s career isn’t dead yet and I’m kind of looking forward to a Green Bay/San Francisco NFC Championship. Only, if, you know, the Saints don’t mess that up for us all. -Jared

Jared – 6 for 13

Travis – 6 for 13

Detroit Lions 17  New Orleans Saints 31

The difference in this game came down to stupid penalties. I’m not trying to sound like a broken record, but when you’re playing top-tier NFL teams week in and week out, you should grow up and mature as a team. Regardless of the score, this Detroit team is not a bad team. They just need to grow up. The Saints, however, need to avoid Green Bay if at all possible. -Jared

Jared – 7 for 14

Travis – 7 for 14

San Diego Chargers 38 Jacksonville Jaguars 14

Philip Rivers looks like he’s got an injured arm or shoulder. Or maybe I just never realized what an absolute noodle for an arm he has. Regardless, Blaine Gabbert has really struggled, nevermind how well Maurice Jones-Drew has played. I can’t say it wasn’t sloppy, but it was kind of nice to see San Diego play to their potential, even if it was second rate Jacksonville. -Jared

Jared – 8 for 15

Travis – 8 for 15

Four more weeks!