Around the League: Week 1 Review

Each week, Jared and Travis Tango will submit picks for each game as you see here. Following the games for each week, Jared will write a few thoughts about each game.

Green Bay Packers vs. New Orleans Saints
This is my early pick for game of the year.

I picked the Saints to upset the Packers. Travis picked the Packers. I was wrong. I should be fired.

Tons of offense. No defense. What a great way to start the season! What was that? You were complaining about the kickoff rule? How about a kickoff AND a punt return in the same game?

If this game was any indicator of how this season is going to go, we are in for a great season.

Jared – 0 for 1
Travis – 1 for 1
FINAL: Green Bay 42 New Orleans 34

Atlanta Falcons vs. Chicago Bears

If Matty Ice struggles, so does his team. Bears defense looked good and would you look at that, the Jay Cutler lynch mob is bored.

Travis and I picked Atlanta like every other God-fearing man on this planet not claiming to be related to Mike Ditka… I was wrong. Surprise surprise.

Jared – 0 for 2
Travis – 1 for 2
FINAL: Chicago 30 Atlanta 12

Kansas City Chiefs vs. Buffalo Bills

I’m starting to wonder where this “Fitzpatrick isn’t the long-term solution for Buffalo” crap is coming from. Dude throws 4 touchdowns and 0 interceptions against a team that went to the Playoffs last year.

Sidenote: Former first round draft pick and All Pro safety Eric Berry is out for the season with a torn ACL.

I picked Kansas City and Travis picked Buffalo. Fire me.

Jared – 0 for 3
Travis – 2 for 3
FINAL: Buffalo 41 Kansas City 7

Cleveland Browns vs. Cincinnati Bengals

If you think it’s miserable to be a fan of the Manning-less Colts, you obviously have no idea how awful it is to be a Browns fan. Dalton looked good but hurt his wrist and could miss time. Bruce Bradkowski sighting!

Travis and I both picked Cleveland because, well, Colt McCoy is surely going to out-perform a rookie Andy Dalton in a system devastated by the loss of Ochocinco and Carson Palmer being a douchebag, right? Wrong.

Jared – 0 for 4
Travis – 2 for 4
FINAL: Cincinnati 27 Cleveland 17

Detroit Lions vs. Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Matt Stafford stayed upright. Tampa Bay had 56 yards rushing. That will not win games (as Colts fans have been saying for years).

Travis and I both picked Detroit. Win.

Jared – 1 for 5
Travis 3 for 5
FINAL: Detroit 27 Tampa Bay 20

Tennessee Titans vs. Jacksonville Jaguars

Way to go, Chris Johnson. The Titans owners look like suckers right now. Luke McCown wins an NFL football game. Weird.

Travis and I both picked Tennessee. Ugh. One of THOSE weeks.

Jared – 1 for 6
Travis – 3 for 6
FINAL: Jacksonville 16 Tennessee 14


Well, this game didn’t inspire confidence in an already wary fan base. While forcing 3 legitimate turnovers on defense(READ: they weren’t self-inflicted by Houston) looks good on the stat sheet, giving up 160+ yards rushing on defense and letting Schaub find holes in the zone just hurts to watch. Like I said, Kerry Collins isn’t Peyton Manning. He isn’t Curtis Painter bad, either. Addai appeared to be running well. If Collins doesn’t turn the ball over on his own side of the field twice, Colts are in that game. I guess I just had higher expectations for Kerry Collins. Linkenbach looked lost.

Of course Travis and I picked the Colts. Homers.

Jared – 1 for 7
Travis – 3 for 7
FINAL: Houston 34 Indianapolis 7

St. Louis Rams vs. Philadelphia Eagles

St. Louis gets banged up as Philly just pulls away. Steven Jackson (quad), Sam Bradford (hand), Danny Amendola (dislocated elbow) and Ron Bartell (broken neck) all got hurt and missed part of the game. Just an ugly, ugly day for the Rams both on the field and off.

I picked the Eagles and Travis picked the Rams. Win!

Jared – 2 for 8
Travis 3 for 8
FINAL: Philadelphia Eagles 31 St. Louis Rams 13

Pittsburgh Steelers vs. Baltimore Ravens

If the NFL season is a fight, then Baltimore hit Pittsburgh in the mouth. Joe Flacco threw all over Pittsburgh. You read that right. I’m not making it up. Baltimore looked fantastic in all phases.

Travis and I both picked Pittsburgh. We lose.

Jared – 2 for 9
Travis – 3 for 9
FINAL: Baltimore 35 Pittsburgh 7

San Diego Chargers vs. Minnesota Vikings

Donovan McNabb throws for 39 yards. Yes, he played the entire game. San Diego just kind of kept it moving. 2nd string running back Mike Tolbert scored 3 touchdowns (2 receiving).

Travis and I both picked San Diego. We’ll take it.

Jared – 3 for 10
Travis – 4 for 10
FINAL: San Diego Chargers 24 Minnesota Vikings 17

New York Giants vs. Washington Redskins

New York is struggling on defense and gave up Kevin Boss and Steve Smith on offense. Apparently, this is a big deal. Wake up, Giants. This isn’t the preseason anymore.

Travis and I both picked the Giants. Failure.

Jared – 3 for 11
Travis – 4 for 11
FINAL: Washington Redskins 28 New York Giants 14

Arizona Cardinals vs. Carolina Panthers

Cam Newton dazzles and throws for 422 yards in his rookie opener and outshines Kevin Kolb but doesn’t outplay him as Arizona wins off of first round draft pick Patrick Peterson’s punt return late in the 4th quarter. Great game (thank you, Sunday Ticket).

Travis and I both picked Arizona to win. Go team!

Jared – 4 for 12
Travis – 5 for 12
FINAL: Arizona Cardinals 28 Carolina Panthers 21

San Francisco 49ers vs. Seattle Seahawks

Frankly, as bad as Alex Smith actually is at football, he didn’t cost San Francisco this game. He didn’t win it, though. Ted Ginn, Jr. “put the team on his back, doe” and had 2 returns for touchdowns. Player of the week vote goes to him.

My player of the week vote goes for Ted Ginn, Jr.

Travis and I both picked San Francisco to win. Hey now!

Jared – 5 for 13
Travis – 6 for 13
FINAL: San Francisco 49ers 33 Seattle Seahawks 17

Dallas Cowboys vs. New York Jets

I expected a completely different game than I got. Mark Sanchez threw 44 passes as the Jets scored 17 points in the 4th quarter to beat Dallas — whose quarterback Tony Romo fumbled on a broken play late in the game to seal it for New York.

I picked the Jets to win. Travis picked the Cowboys.

Jared – 6 for 14
Travis – 6 for 14
FINAL: New York Jets 27 Dallas Cowboys 24

Miami Dolphins vs. New England Patriots

Chad Henne and Tom Brady threw for over 900 yards combined as the Patriots had 3 different receivers catch touchdown passes (including a 99 yard touchdown to Wes Welker). Chad Henne looked more than serviceable, throwing his only interception on the last play of the game. I was disappointed to see New England leave their starters in with a 14 point lead late in the game and continue to throw, despite simply needing to run the clock out.

Travis and I both picked New England to win. Go figure.

Jared – 7 for 15
Travis – 7 for 15
FINAL: New England Patriots 38 Miami Dolphins 24

Denver Broncos vs. Oakland Raiders

I’m not sure what was going on last night, but I have this feeling that the Denver offensive line is mad at Kyle Orton or something. The game was really ugly from a lot of standpoints; the rain, the offensive line play, the little tiffs the players kept getting into. Frankly, Oakland was just tougher. Darren McFadden will carry that team as far as he can. As for the Broncos, I felt Orton played well given the fact that he was getting drilled every play. I think Oakland owns this Division, and frankly, I’m not sure where Denver is going, but it isn’t up.

This was the game that split hairs as I picked Oakland and Travis picked Denver.

Jared – 8 for 16
Travis – 7 for 16
FINAL: Oakland Raiders 23 Denver Broncos 20