Thursday Injury Report, Chiefs v. Colts

It was nice of Brett to fill in for me on Wednesday, but the 893 emails I got requesting I take over again spoke volumes.  Don’t fret, folks, I’m back.  Here’s your Thursday update, you may want to have a trashcan or waterproof bag nearby:


Sanders, Bob – Biceps

Gonzalez, Anthony – Ankle [He just told Phil B. Wilson of the Indy Star that he is close to returning.  Still think after Bye.]

Conner, Kavell – Foot

Brown, Donald – Hamstring [Some rumblings last week that it wasn't serious have turned to rumbles that it could be a significant injury]

Collie, Austin – Foot [Unsure if this is related to last week's heel injury, but two DNPs in a row do not bode well for his chances on Sunday]

Hart, Mike – Knee [New addition]

Lacey, Jacob – Foot


Bethea, Antoine – Hamstring [Does this guy ever miss time?  I know he's hurting.  Thank God for him]


Beards, Neck – WEIRDNESS [Why do so many Colts players have these weird neck beards?  Almost all of the ones featuring the facial hair statement are on the injury report this week.  Maybe it's time to shave, guys.  Do it for the injury report, if nothing else]

Addai, Joe-Joe – Knee

Brackett, Gary – Back

Freeney, Dwight – Rest

Garcon, Pierre – Hamstring [No hands joke this week]

Johnson, Charlie – Foot [Had some struggles against Jax, but the more practice time he gets, the better he'll be]

King, Brandon – Hamstring [The answer to our DB injury worries!]

Powers, Jerraud – Foot [Phew, punts WILL be returned this week]

Richard, Jamey – Shoulder

Session, Clint – Hamstring [Patient zero for the neck beards looks good to go this week]

Wayne, Reggie – Knee