Painter Has to Go!

OK, I’m trying to remain calm. Really, I am. Last year, I was quick to defend Curtis. I said over and over as if trying to convince myself; “he’s a rookie put in a horrible situation. There’s no way we could have expected him to succeed.”

That was last year.

He’s had time to learn how to read defenses, perfect his mechanics, and learn the playbook. What we just saw… over 2+ quarters… was a pitiful performance by a man who shouldn’t be employed in the NFL.

Let alone by the best team in the NFL.

If Tom Brandstater isn’t the 2nd string QB by tomorrow, I’ll…  hold my breath? maybe start supporting another team?

Nope. I’ll do what the rest of you are doing; pray that Peyton never gets hurt.

That. Was. Pain-ter-ful.