Manning Contract Negotiations May Take Longer Than Hoped

Many came into the season believing that Peyton Manning’s long-term contract extension would definitely be finalized before the 2010 season begins.  Colts President Bill Polian suggested on Saturday that the negotiations may take longer than everyone would like.  On a WEEI sport radio program Polian indicated that the uncertainty of the future collective bargaining agreement and salary cap make it difficult to figure out the best way to structure the contract.

Sunday, the National Football Post covered the story and highlighted that Polian thinks it is unlikely that Manning’s new contract negotiations will be finalized by October, meaning that the team is likely to wait on more information about the future salary cap and CBA before they finalize the details.  It will be interesting to see if complications with Manning’s deal will handcuff the team if they feel it necessary to pursue any free agents heading into the new season.