Manning Confident in Christensen

“Clyde for the past number of years has been an integral part of our offense.  Basically, he’s been in charge of our third-down and red-zone packages, and we’re tops in the league in those packages.  Tom [Moore] has allowed Clyde to have a lot of input and Clyde had a lot of responsibility when it came to the passing game.  I certainly feel confident in him and what he’ll bring to the table.”

Matt Kryger | Indy Star Photo

It will be interesting to see how the Colts offense will change under Christensen’s direction.  On the one hand, it would seem that Christensen will likely bring a more dynamic package than Moore’s tried and true history, but it is also likely that Christensen would specialize in and focus more on the passing game.  How will Christensen’s pass-first tendencies square with the Colts plan to improve the ground game?