Inside the Play: Eagles

Every week, ColtsBrasil‘s Paulo Netto selects a game-changing or representative play from the prior week’s game and breaks it down in fantastic graphic detail.  Paulo has graciously agreed to share his analysis with Coltzilla in this series.

In this week’s edition, Paulo looks at Michael Vick’s scrambling abilities against the Colts.

Picture 1: 3rd & 9. Ball on the Eagles’ 33 yard line. Brackett and Angerer are on the line of scrimmage. Townsend approaches.

Picture 2: The cornerback is going to blitz. The linebackers return to coverage.

Picture 3: Everyone is covered. However the defense can´t rush Vick.

Picture 4: Vick has space in the middle.  Angerer looks to McCoy.  Brackett continues to cover Celek.

Picture 5: Townsend cannot make the tackle on Vick.  Angerer will try to tackle him.

Picture 6: Angerer slips on the field.  Townsend isn’t fast enough to catch Vick.

Picture 7: Brackett also misses the tackle.

Pictures 8/9: Vick scrambles for 24 yards.