Coltzilla Thursday Night Practice Twitter Updates (UPDATED)

Below I have listed all of my tweets from training camp on Thursday evening.  This will give you an idea, in order from last post to first post, how the practice went (in my eyes).  I hope you will enjoy seeing the raw material that will lead to the story I will write about what I saw on my first day at training camp.

@Catholicfball55 Re: J James – He looked like a hard runner. Definitely not afraid to initiate contact.

Catholicfball55 @Coltszilla HEY HOW DID J JAMES DO IN PRAC TONIGHT

@LadyBlue7318 My pleasure. This is a special time to be a Colts fan!

LadyBlue7318 @Coltszilla Thanks for the great updates of tonights practice :) Go Colts!

@ColtPower Thanks Eric. I will be around until a week from Friday.

ColtPower @Coltszilla Nice work tonight, would have liked to have been there myself. Let me know if you’ll be around this weekend.

Heading out. Will write something up tonight. Back at it 3:30 tomorrow.

@LadyBlue7318 He has not looked that great today.

LadyBlue7318 @Coltszilla I’m sorry…but really, what do they see in PAINter…if Manning goes down during the season, stick a fork in us we are so done

Wrapping up practice now.

Gonzo beats Lacey on a long cross, 40 yards to the 5. Great speed/hands by Gonzo. Impressive. Lacey with good coverage but not good enough.

@ColtPower Our first team and Lacey look great.  Without injury we may have a good argument for best secondary this year. Or… top 5.

ColtPower @Coltszilla Sounds like the DBs are making some plays tonight.

Brandon James makes a nice grab with a defender draped on him along the left sideline. Eldridge with a grab 8 yards form the line up the middle.

Working on 2 min. offense. Painter throws in the dirt targeting Guice.

Painter passes short right to the speedy Devin Moore, immediately hit and forced out by Powers.

35 yard bomb to Wayne along the left sideline for a TD against backup secondary.

Garçon working the short right come back routes and successfull digging passes out of the ground.

Lacey breaks up a pass to Garçon 25 yds. deep along the right sideline.

@chancefavors18 Re: Favorite – Marlon Favorite, former DT for the Saints. Now with the Colts in camp.

chancefavors18 @Coltszilla XthvxhdxcffcvvvgbdgsxcfdfgD who’s favorite?

@LadyBlue7318 Hughes has been out there but across the field so it is hard to give feedback. Maybe tomorrow I will go to the other side.

LadyBlue7318 @Coltszilla What about Hughes..has he been out there

@LadyBlue7318 At first glance I would definitely say so. More talent overall. More options in formations. Coyer is playing with his toys.

LadyBlue7318 @Coltszilla By what u are seeing, it looks like our D has really improved

@colt4410 Tentatively I will say no. They were on the opposite end of the field so it was hard to see.

colt4410 @Coltszilla Was chick going against the starting o?

Gonzo just smoked Terrail Lambert on a deep cross for a clean catch.

Favorite has some quick feet for a bowling ball and plays low with good leverage.

@LadyBlue7318 Re: Townsend – I did not get a good look at Townsend on Thursday. I will look for him Saturday.

LadyBlue7318 @Coltszilla how is Townshed (x-steeler) looking on D

@anthonybullard Looked more like either bad blocking or legitimate stuffs. Hard to tell from this vantage point.

anthonybullard @Coltszilla Looking like good run d or bad execution by the rush offense?

Another deep throw from Manning to a diving Gonzo about 30 yds. dow the field broken by Bethea.

Powers just broke up a bomb down the middle form Manning to Wayne.

Chick would have just had a sack in a real game. Turns the corner really fast.

But Sanders came around the left end to get there. Very quick. Looks completely healthy to me.

When Sanders is on the field he is everywhere. He just came from deep to meet Hart in the hole up the middle.

Gonzo is looking really fast but lining up with the 2nd team offense.

Brody Eldridge already lining up with the first team offense.

25 yd. pass to Wayne tip-toeing the left sideline. O moving at will against second team D.

First team O v. second team D, Manning 15 yd. crossing pattern to Wayne.

@LadyBlue7318 Really haven’t had a good look yet. Wait, they’re scrimmaging now.

LadyBlue7318 @Coltszilla So who is looking more improved…the O or D?

@GTPJay Favorite? Doubtful.

GTPJay @Coltszilla Do you think he makes the squad?

Just worked a fast nickel formation with Bullit up in a LB spot.  Lacey, Hayden, Sanders, and Bethea all behind him.

Javarris James big collision on a short run off of left guard.

@ColtPower Not a bad comparison.

ColtPower @Coltszilla Favorite is built more like a washing machine.

@LadyBlue7318 Re: Favorite – He is short and stout, more round than athletic looking. Atypical for the Colts. Still seems quick though.

LadyBlue7318 @Coltszilla Marlon built different…is this a good thing or what do u mean

Hart for 2 or 3 up the middle.

Sanders just destroyed Brown as he was picking his way through blocks on a run up the middle.

7 on 9 running drills starting.  Addai slips on first run around right end.

Marlon Favorite is built nothing like our defensive linemen.

LovinBlue @Coltszilla Got it.  Shag duty.

@LovinBlue Nah. Really not significant. No returns and it was more being a ball boy on punts.

LovinBlue @Coltszilla Wayne fielding kicks. Interesting – just a hands exercise?

Antonio Johnson roars as he explodes off of the line in drills.

Baldwin and Dawson on the side in shorts.  Full pads for everyone on the field.

Breaking out into drills now.

Gonzo, White, Wayne, Fisher back fielding kicks.

55 yard punt by P Mac.

You can park for $5 if you are willing to walk an extra block.

Arriving at camp now.