Colts Wide Receiver Collie Remembers Realizing a Dream

Jenna Cason of “Universe,” Brigham Young’s campus newspaper, had the opportunity to cover the Nu Skin NXT Level football camp.  Austin Collie attended the camp and some time out of his instruction to answer some of Cason’s questions.

It is great to consistently learn of more Colts players engaging the community and helping youngsters develop as players and people.  It is also a great opportunity for them to reflect on their experiences and share some of the lesson learned during the 2009 season.  Some of Collie’s comments follow the break but Cason’s column is worth reading — it discusses Utah’s conference change and how it will affect BYU.

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Indianapolis Colts wide receiver Austin Collie (17) catches a 6-yard-touchdown pass ahead of Tennessee Titans defenders Michael Griffin (33) and Stephen Tulloch (55) in the third quarter of an NFL football game in Nashville, Tenn., Sunday, Oct. 11, 2009.

“It is a dream come true,” Collie said. “Obviously these kids have the dream to grow up, play football and go to the Super Bowl, and I had the exact same dream as all of these kids do. To be able to live that dream my first year as a rookie was spectacular.”

With Gonzalez returning healthy, Collie’s role this season is difficult to foresee.  The memory of Collie’s importance in getting the Colts to the Super Bowl in 2009 — along with his chances of developing in his second year — leave reason to believe that whatever role he plays will be an important one.