Colts Wednesday Morning Training Camp Updates

Below I have listed all of my tweets from training camp on Wednesday morning.  This will give you an idea, in order from last post to first post, how the practice went (in my eyes).  I hope you will enjoy seeing the raw material that will lead to the story I will write about what I saw on my day at training camp.

@LadyBlue7318 My pleasure once again. We may see some crazy shenanigans during the pre-season, that’s for sure.

LadyBlue7318 @Coltszilla Thanks again for the practice updates & info on my ?’s..wonder if they might use a wild horse play this yr/ if so, should be fun

@StampedeBlue I… just… can’t… help it! Go easy on me Brad.

StampedeBlue @Coltszilla Stop staring at Fili’s rack, you perv! ;)

Heading out. Practice finishing soon and rain incoming.

@LadyBlue7318 The hart snaps were wildcat-like…

LadyBlue7318 @Coltszilla Direct snap to Hart….a wild “horses” play?

@LadyBlue7318 Won’t be able to tell that today… no pads or legitimate work going on. No D on O other than Glenn, Foster, and King.

LadyBlue7318 @Coltszilla besides Foster & King, any other D player being tried out for O backfield?

LadyBlue7318 @Coltszilla get a good read on O-line without Jeff & would they fair if we played for real..

Hiller on the field.

Manning is giving instructions to Painter and the second team offense.

Foster with some soft hands, catching a short pass right for a would-be TD.

Now working on goal line offense. Second team offense.

All third down offense work now. Still “half” speed.

Another direct snap to Hart. Pass to Brandon James.

Just did a direct snap to Mike Hart with Tom Brandstaer wide right.

Mike Pollak working at center with Painter. James Williams at left guard. Jeff linkenbach at right tackle. Andrew Tyshovnytsky at left tackle. Adrian Martinez at right guard.

Moala looks bigger in the chest than he was last year.

Gonzo still out with a sleeve on his left leg.

Working on short passing routes.

New look. Donald Brown wide-left, Wayne slot left. Garçon wide right.

Collie just lined up wide left. Clark in as well. So far this practice is entirely dedicated to the ground game.

Ugoh, Thomas, Richard. Devan, and Terry with first team line. Eldridge with first team.

Now offense v. defense walk-throughs.

Session has his helmet today.

Elsewhere on the field, position coaches are working with their players. Technical instruction, not live running and activity.

King drops the pass which was a bit low and behind him. Glenn in the mix. Interestingly, Eldridge is not.

Manning working with King. Then Foster steps in and runs the same route.  Goal-line out route.

Mitch King catching passes with the running backs.

Nevermind. Foster with his helmet on. Breaking into position drills.

No pads. Looks like Foster is sitting.

Players on the main field today. Offense white, defense blue.

Arriving at camp. Rain stay away!