Colts Training Camp – Tuesday Morning Practice Updates

Throughout training camp, Coltzilla will be following the latest updates from a host of camp goers, picking out the information that may interest fans the most.  Please keep your eye on each of these posts if you are interested to know what is going on at training camp.

Eric Hartz – Colt Power Updates

Punt team practice just wrapped up onto position drills. Rain looking like a virtual certainty at this point.

Players in full pads. QBs working on handoffs with running backs.

Peyton Manning missed that segment. Looked like he was meeting with Caldwell in a tent off to the side.

Manning also has a dark visor on his facemask. I’m not sure what that is all about. He has had eye infections in the past, 2001 I remember.

Mathis, Addai, Baldwin, Dawson, Session all sitting out.

WRs vs DBs. Hemby tangles his hands in Brandon James facemask and they both fall down.

At the south end is 9 on 7 running game practice. Pads are popping pretty good down there!

New corner Deshea Townsend has been getting picked on pretty consistently, as Collie goes by him for a score.

On the other side, Lacey with very good coverage on Gonzo to force a deep incomplete. Gonzo gets him on a drag the next time though.

Powers with good coverage on Wayne. Ball behind him incomplete. 18 comes back with a rope to Garçon.

Saw a nice run from Devin Moore at the other end. Starting full team now.

Hughes is out there with the first unit defense. Eric Foster at strong end is making some plays. A likely sack and then blows up a screen.

Defense with a blitz; it’s picked up, but incomplete pass. Offense is really working the screen play. Nice one to Brown.

Hughes gets a good outside move on Johnson, Freeney praises him. There’s some pressure but Manning complete to Clark for a 1st. Segment ends

People starting to clear the area as a thunderstorm seems imminent. A police officer informs the crowd it’s about 15 minutes away.

7 on 7 now. Powers good coverage on Wayne. O is not quite as sharp today. I wonder what the deal is with the visor.

It’s getting dark out here … I may be headed for the exit soon.

This may be interesting to only me, but there was also a heavy thunderstorm on the firs Tuesday of camp last year. About the same time, too.

More full team. Manning/Saturday fumble a snap. Can’t remember that happening in a long time.

Strike to Wayne on a post for a TD. Practice should end any minute now I’d guess.

Forgot to mention, Painter to Blair White hooked up at the end of seven on seven for a nice gain. Could be a preseason combo to watch.

Mookie sniffs out a screen and drops Brown for no gain.

Ray Fisher and Bob Sanders are also sitting out. Full team segment ends, special teams now.

Radar shows the storm should be here any minute. Skies seems to be growing lighter though.

Back at the car. Got a little damp.

Javarris James – Update

Got my First touchdown on my first carry in full pads today. Hope there’s many more to come.

Jon Oehser

rookie G/C Jacques McClendon on having OTAs before training camp: “Without that, we’d be like chicken’s with our heads cut off.”