Colts Training Camp – Monday Morning Twitter Updates

Below I have listed all of my tweets from training camp on Monday morning.  This will give you an idea, in order from last post to first post, how the practice went (in my eyes).  I hope you will enjoy seeing the raw material that will lead to the story I will write about what I saw on my day at training camp.

Muir is running the practice. He looks fine.

Hart finishes practice with a catch and some shifty moves short-left.

James Richard is working at center with Manning.

Blair White with a catch working slot left.

Eldridge still getting reps with the first team. Manning passes left sideline to Giguere who beat Lacey and darted down the line.

Taj Smith seems to catch everything that comes his way, no matter the angle.

Blair White with a quick snag 5 yards off of the line of scrimmage from Painter. He lined up wide right.

Mike Hart with nice run outside to the right.

Muir slow to get up has a short talk with the trainers. Bobzilla just caused the whole crowd to gasp at a hard hit.

John Chick with a really strong punch sits Ugoh down around the right end.

Receivers working on routes. Guice catch on a short hook pattern on the left side of the field.

Tamme with a long pass deep down the middle of the field. Would have gone for a touchdown.

Manning remains visor-free today.

From his own 30, PMac hits for 50 and keeps James behind the 20.

PMac hits another around 50.

Then PMac connects for 58 yards.

Brandon James getting a lot of one on one attention. Back to field puts now. PMac short on his first punt.

Collie with a drop on a crossing pattern.

Nice pass again from Manning to Wayne.

Third pass complete to Brandon James on a very nice hook route with nice hands.

Painter rushed his first throw inc. and nearly picked by Townsend. Overthrow the second, tipped by Lambert.

Last pass complete to Wayne.4-4

Then complete to Wayne. Manning 3-3.

First on first… pass right to Collie followed by a pass left to Tamme.

Peyton just yelled at Pierre…”Pierre, get your ass over here!” It was hilarious.

Defense is working on alignment, gaps, and schemes.

Now breaking into drills.

For such a small back, Devin Moore is really delivering a pop when he hits the hole.

Cody Glenn is working with the second team defense at middle linebacker.

Eldridge has decent straight line speed and made an excellent grab with his arms fully extended above his head. Mesa like.

Eldridge with another grab. Guice with a crisp route and grab.

Giguere with a catch, keeping his feet in on an out route.

Taj Smith has his own “laser rocket arm” it seems.

Brandon James drops another pass.

Quarterbacks are now working with receivers. Nice to see Eldridge making catches.

Receivers working on the “pick route.”

Justin Snow serving as the quarterback for receivers in drills.

Dudley Guice just had brick hands on a pass in the numbers, failing to pull it in.

Garçon is not working with the receivers either.

Gonzo is sitting. Brandon James still needs a little work on his hands as a receiver.

A little kid exclaimed next to me that “he (Fisher) just found daylight” on his last return. It was awesome.

Ray Fisher just busted through a seam on a return. He and James are clearly the most natural returners on the team.

Brandon James is blazing fast. Ray compliments Bullitt on his kick coverage.

Ray Rychleski is shouting at the coverage players to run to the ball and “act like football players.”

Giguere muffed his first kick return chance.

Justin Snow is chillin’ with V and PMac.

Shorts shoulder pads and helmets during drills.

Clint Session and Keyunta Dawson sitting.

Linebackers and defensive linemen in agility drills.

Players are breaking into drills. Secondary working together. One on one drills elsewhere on the two practice fields.

Just arrived at camp. Players are stretching.