Colts Stand Behind Their… #2 Man

After Sunday’s preseason loss to the 49ers, the hot topic amongst Colts fans has been the status of second-string quarterback Curtis Painter. Painter, who is entering his second year in the league, was expected to make a big jump from the shaky rookie that fans saw at the end of last year, but was bad by any standard on Sunday, putting up a QB rating of 16.0.

So will Painter lose his backup job to third-stringer Tom Brandstater?

Not according to head coach Jim Caldwell:

“Sometimes, I think everyone can get ahead of themselves and not give an individual a fair shake,” coach Jim Caldwell said. “He’s still our second-string quarterback. We believe in him. He’s going to develop and grow. It just takes some time.”

His teammates have his back, too, apparently. Jerraud Powers recently stuck up for Painter on twitter, after a follower had made a comment regarding Painter’s shaky play, saying the following:

“if u don’t understand what they go through at that position, I don’t think u should comment on it”

Maybe it’s a good lesson for all of us, myself included, to have some patience with the youngster. Thankfully, having a future Hall of Fame quarterback on their roster gives the Colts the freedom to allow Painter to develop at a reasonable pace. With that being said, here’s to hoping we don’t see Curtis Painter in the regular season unless it’s mop-up duty.