Why the Colts Won’t “Suck for Luck”

The Colts will not "suck for luck"

This week has been crazy. It first started with a tweet saying that Manning might miss the season opener against Houston, and now there is a rumor going around saying that Manning might miss the entire season. Along with these rumors, there is a notion going around with Colts fans urging the Colts to ‘Suck For Luck’.

Andrew Luck is the top quarterback prospect since our own beloved Peyton Manning. Due to this, several teams, such as the Washington Redskins, have been rumored to entered the “Suck For Luck” sweepstakes; trying to tank the entire season, in order to draft him #1 overall. If Manning really is out for the season, you can expect a big portion of the fan base demanding that the Colts tank and draft Luck at #1 overall, trying to obtain an “Aaron Rodgers/Brett Favre” effect.

However, the Colts won’t be ‘sucking for luck’, nor will they be picking at number 1 overall. These are several reasons why..

1. Manning’s Contract.

Peyton Manning eats nails for breakfast. Without Milk. That’s how tough this man is. He once played a game with a broken jaw, and if he truly has a chance to play, he will. With that in mind, you should also know that Manning has just signed a 5 year contract this past off-season. Although he may not play for the entire 5 years, he will play as much as his body permits him too. If we drafted Luck, then he would have to wait AT LEAST 4 ENTIRE years (barring injury), before he ever stepped on the field.

2. Luck’s Contract.

This is slightly related to reason #1. If Luck was drafted, he would have to wait at least 4 years before he played. This means that we will pay him 22 million over 4 years (which is what Cam Newton got this year), just to sit on the bench. This also means, by the time he plays, he will need another contract. If Colts fans really want to go for the “Aaron Rodgers effect”, then it would make more sense to draft a replacement in the late first, and paying him just 2 million a year for the bench, instead of the 5.5 million that Luck would make.

3. We’re built to win now.

Lets face it. Bill Polian hasn’t been finding as many gems in the draft as he used to. The last pro-bowler he drafted was in 2006, and although he has drafted several very capable players such as Austin Collie, Jerraud Powers and Pat Angerer, he has busted on many other picks. Right now, most of our team’s talents are our veterans, such as Reggie Wayne and Dwight Freeney. However, the veterans are getting old, and most are already out of their primes, heading towards declination age. Therefore, we can’t afford to waste another year (especially when the Superbowl is in town), and must make best of the talents we have right now.

4. We’re not good enough.

Even if Manning was out for the season, we still wouldn’t be good enough to win the #1 overall spot. As much as pessimists want to deny it, the Colts are talented. While we’re arguing about who should make the fourth WR/third safety/second quarterback/ect., teams like the Redskins still need a #1 QB and a majority of their starting line up wouldn’t start on most of their other teams. Therefore, we aren’t good enough (or bad enough in this case) to win the Luck sweepstakes.

So in conclusion, the Colts will not be drafting Andrew Luck. Fans should also stop panicking about all the Peyton Manning rumors, because that’s all they are at this point, just rumors.

Go Colts.


Kyle J. Rodriguez

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