Why the Colts SHOULDN’T Trade for Asante Samuel

With the trade deadline rapidly approaching, the Colts will be looking to make some last minute trades in order to improve their roster. However, trading may not be the best idea since our season is most likely over, and since the Colts will have a high draft pick this off-season. But, fans will always be demanding for their team to trade for big-name stars (such as Albert Haynesworth last year). One of the more popular ideas that has bounced around recently is trading for Asante Samuel, which unfortunately, is simply a bad idea. 1. Defensive Scheme Asante Samuel  is considered to be the best zone-coverage cornerback in the NFL, and is one of the top man-coverage cornerbacks as well. Although he may be a great player, he will most likely not fit the Colts' Tampa-2 schemes. The main reason is because he simply cannot tackle. In a Tampa-2 scheme, players are expected to hold their zone and make the tackle to keep the play in front of them. This means that if a player constantly whiffs on tackles, then the entire defensive philosophy will not work, making Samuel a bad fit for the Colts defensive scheme. 2. Cost Asante Samuel is an elite corner, which means he's being paid like an elite corner. In our scheme, good cornerbacks are luxuries, which is why we won a Super Bowl with scrubs like Nick Harper and Jason David. With the Mathis and Wayne's contracts looming this off-season, the Colts just cannot afford luxuries. Also, the Eagles reportedly want a second round pick for him, and in a year where we have such a great draft position, we cannot afford to give that up. 3. Age The Colts typically let older veterans walk and give younger players with more potential a chance to prove themselves. This is how most good teams run, and although having a few veterans in the locker room may be a huge boost, a locker room with all veterans is counter-productive. This is because once the veterans start to decline, then the entire team will have to go through a rebuilding period until their younger players get more experienced. The Colts cannot afford to sign a thirty year old cornerback, as the Colts already have several veterans on the brink of decline. So unless the Colts want to go through a long rebuilding process after Manning retires, they should start looking in a younger direction. Samuel's 2011 stats so far include 18 solo tackles, 2 pass defenses and 1 interception. So in conclusion, although a cornerback core of Samuel/Powers/Lacey may seem impressive (minus Lacey, of course), it would not be worth it in the long run. If the Colts truly wanted to improve their roster, they should sign someone like Randall Gay in free agency for the veteran minumum instead of trading for, and overpaying, a veteran on the brink of decline. Go Colts.

Kyle J. Rodriguez

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