Week One: Colts vs Texans, the Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

Well this game just flat-out sucked. As Jake mentioned, we really did find out how important to the Colts Peyton Manning is, and it's not pretty. People will throw the D under the bus, and I think they should to an extent. They were given two very short fields early and were asked way too much of them. Just saying, if we had Peyton Manning, I doubt he fumbles twice, and the whole game changes from there. Maybe the end result would be the same, but I still feel the game would've been a lot closer. Also, on Jerry Hughes being inactive this game. I attribute that to the fact that we only needed 2 pash rushing DE's. We weren't going to need more pass rushers because the Texans were going to run it down our throats. If we were playing a passing team he'd be active. Anyway, here is the first edition of the Good, the Bad, and the Ugly.The Good Melvin Bullitt – I'm one of Bullitt's biggest critics, but he played well. He picked off a pass early due to an over thrown ball from Matt Schaub and made a few good stops. Was his performance perfect? No, but he played better than I thought he would. Reggie Wayne – Seems like after he compliments a QB, they throw to him more often. He made that amazing TD catch, and made several quality catches. Lets hope he can keep it up because it seems like he's Collins favorite target. Joseph Addai – His stats would say otherwise, but he looked very good when he had the ball. He broke multiple tackles and as per usual made a few nice blocks in the passing game. Just goes to show when Addai gets some blocks he's one of the better RB's in the league. Delone Carter – After overtaking Brown as the 2nd RB, he showed why everyone has been so high on him. We finally ran for a first down on 3rd and 1. He looked very solid and is a great opposite to Addai. The Bad Kerry Collins – The only reason he isn't in the ugly is because he finished strong. Granted, the Texans weren't trying as hard, but eh what can you do. He fumbled twice, and couldn't sustain a drive. He does have an impressive arm though, but when he over threw Garcon who was WIDE open in the endzone I died a little inside. He needs to work on timing, but I still think he's the best option right now… The Whole Defensive Front Seven – They got man handled all game. It didn't matter who was running the ball, the front seven was pushed back and who ever was running the ball got a bunch of yards. Their RB's didn't really break many tackles, it was mostly their OL. The Ugly The OL – Castanzo did OK, but Collins rarely had a pocket to pass in, and he was hit immediately multiple times. Run blocking wasn't terrible, but if Collins is going to have any success here he needs to be protected. Reitz in particular did not have a strong game. Special Teams – Punt coverage was terrible, and kickoffs were also bad. Lefeged has little room returning the ball, and special teams seem like they will be our achilles heel this year… Along with everything else.   Overall I've already accepted that this is likely a lost season. Without Manning, the Colts are left with a below average at best offense, and a bad defense. Any win is a bonus this year. It is such a weird feeling thinking that this season doesn't matter much and the Colts just have next season and the draft to look forward to. So this is what it feels like to be a Browns fan…

Kyle J. Rodriguez

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