Tryon: “Caldwell wanted to start me”

I was very surprised to see that Justin Tryon had been cut yesterday. Last year, Tryon undoubtedly outplayed Jacob Lacey, ended up starting six games, and was "the guy" behind Jerraud Powers. Fast forward to yesterday, and he's not even on the roster. Now he's just an afterthought. Last week, Phil Wilson of the Indianapolis Star provided a quote from defensive coordinator Larry Coyer which suggested that Tryon was in Caldwell's doghouse.

“You know what, any of that stuff you have to ask Jim (Caldwell), to be honest with you,” Coyer said. “I like him a lot. He’s competitive. But where that is, it’s with our head coach.”

Coyer admitted that he likes Tryon, but "you have to ask Jim" when questioning the depth chart assignments. That's fair. Whether we agree with his decisions or not, Caldwell should have authority to make such decisions. He is the Head Coach, after all. However, here's what's confusing: According to Tryon via his Twitter, "Caldwell wanted to start me but it wasn't up to him!" Obviously, this is the complete opposite of what Coyer stated. So who's covering for who here? Well, as many have speculated/knew since Caldwell took over, Bill Polian (with some Chris mixed in) makes the final decision when it comes to the roster/who plays. This seems to be rather common knowledge among the media and fans. Despite this knowledge, Jim Irsay came out and defended Caldwell on his Twitter, but didn't forget to give out a little props to BP to get his point across:

Bill Polian is 1 day,going 2 The Hall of Fame,he knows what he's doing,and Coach Caldwell makes final call on who plays n who doesn't,period

If we just take Irsay and Coyer for their word, Caldwell is the decision maker when it comes to game day. However, why would Tryon make something like this up? Even if Irsay was covering for Polian, just to simply prevent the backlash, questions remain unanswered. Forget the speculation. What I'd like to know is what really went down that lead to Tryon losing his roster spot. A lot of people thought highly of Tryon and his abilities, despite his recent efforts. Maybe Kevin Thomas or Chris Rucker proved enough to justify the decision and it's really that simple. Someone within the system didn't think too much of Tryon. Whether it was Caldwell or Polian, I doubt we will ever know.

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