The Blame Game Begins in Indy

As we all continue to recover from last night, the pitchforks have been sharpening in Indy and are now ready to be pointed in various directions.
Bob Kravitz of the Indy Star and Bill Polian have already started dishing out their versions of the blame. Kravitz thinks Jim Caldwell is done after this season, but I'm not so sure it takes that long. Polian is already hinting that Larry Coyer will be the fall guy in Indy, stating on his weekly radio show that Caldwell is "focused on shoring up the defense."
Polian also noted that inexperience within the secondary isn't the issue and our Safety play has been "fine". Sounds like a Coyer call out to me and I doubt Coyer cares. As Kravitz recounts, Coyer looked about as mentally defeated as a man can look after the game. Yeah, a 62-7 loss will usually do the trick for you.
The fans are starting to get in on the action, as well. Polian was surprisingly forced to look at the ugly face of accountability when a caller asked Polian if he is to blame for not bringing in the best players. Question. Of. The. Century. This guy deserves a medal. Polian's reply was quite surprising: "Should I have done a better job? You bet." Robert Mathis didn't hesitate to put the blame on his and the other locker room leader's shoulders.

"That's the first time I've seen it. First time. And it reflects badly on me and all our leaders."

Very admirable of Mathis, but I can't fault the players. The Colts as a team have played extremely hard throughout this total nightmare of a season. Last night was obviously just too much for any of them to comprehend. No one is fit to handle that kind of night. No one. Despite everything that happened, I continued to see sparks of fight splattered about from the Colts through the night, but you could just see the impact of this destruction really start to resonate among the sideline late in the game. The life had been sucked out of this team. There was nothing they could do about it and they knew it. That was easily one of the toughest things to watch. As already mentioned in "The Stew", Jeff Saturday let the "out-coached" phrase out of the bag last night, which we're so used to hearing from everyone but people within the Indianapolis Colts organization. Everyone in the media has said it. Now, Jeff Saturday, one of the classiest Colts and most impactful leaders of this team, has said it. I think this might have gotten someone's attention. Kravitz also suggested that Jim Irsay is certainly not okay with being embarrassed in prime-time for the whole world to see. Shortly after I likened this season to the sad story of the RMS Titanic, Jim Irsay apologized for the "Titanic collapse" and admitted that the "problems are identifiable" and solutions are on the way, but that the problems are "complex in nature". There's really no other way to explain this kind of loss… As for the problems, I think Irsay already knows what he's going to do. If he doesn't, his judgement needs to seriously questioned, if it wasn't already. This loss shined an extremely bright light of incompetence on the entire organization and everyone got to see it. Don't think your Patriots loving buddy will soon let you forget about it either, Manning or no Manning. The time has come for big changes in Indy and we're only seeing the beginning of the fall out from the "Blowout on Bourbon Street". So, who do you blame? Go Colts. Editor's Note: Special thanks to StampedeBlue for their coverage of the weekly Bill Polian Show via Twitter.

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