Stew Blake Joining Stampede Blue

Well, friends, it has been an unbelievable couple months here at Coltsider despite the dreadful 2011-12 season we've had to suffer through with our beloved team. Fortunately, my time here has worked out in the best way possible and because of this smooth sailing, I was lucky enough to use my opportunity as Editor here at Coltsider to build upon my experience as a blogger. This website has given me an outlet to get any and everything off my chest, from day one, and always afforded me the opportunity to discuss the great game of football with many proud and enthusiastic fans of the Indianapolis Colts. And that's why I love doing this. That being said, starting today, I will no longer be the Editor for Coltsider. Somehow, I was lucky enough to receive an opportunity to work for the mega-blog over at Stampede Blue (don't cringe!) and have decided that this new opportunity is the next step I'd like to take in my blogging journey. I am truly grateful for the support and interaction that each and every one of the members here at Coltsider have shown me, along with the rest of this great staff. Without you, there would not be a Coltsider. Your input and opinions are truly what makes this blogging world spin. I'd like to give a special thanks to Head Editor, Kyle Rodriguez, for the opportunity and privilege to write under the Coltsider name. He has some great things in store for this website and I plan to continue working with Kyle in the future. I will also be managing out the rest of this Coltsider FFL season, and of course, honoring the prize for our lucky champion. Thanks again for all of your support and I hope you continue to follow and discuss my opinions over at Stampede Blue. If you'd like to keep up with me on Twitter or would simply like to talk some football, no matter the time, you can follow me @stewblake22. Thanks again for listening to my rants. It's been a pleasure, ladies and gents.

Kyle J. Rodriguez

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A film and numbers guru, Kyle writes about the NFL and the Indianapolis Colts for Bleacher Report, Draft Mecca and The Football Educator, and is a co-founder and associate editor of Colts Authority. Kyle also is a high school sports reporter for the MLive Media Group in Michigan, covering high school sports across the state.