Saturday Calls Out 45-year-old, Basement Dwelling Bloggers

On Sunday night after the nuclear meltdown, which was disguised as a football game in New Orleans, Jeff Saturday stated that the Colts were "out-coached", among other things. I think a lot of us were quite surprised to find this coming from Saturday, obviously not because the Colts weren't out-coached, because they clearly were, but because it came from Saturday's mouth. When a notably classy and "say all the right things" type of player like him speaks up, people always listen. Brad "BBS" Wells of StampedeBlue (yet McCollough was one of the first to point out what Saturday had said), who is "a 45-year-old man who probably lives with his mom down in his basement freaking blogging about something that was a direct misquote," was one of those listening people and was also reporting what he had heard from McCollough (who heard from others), who was practically the only person to make note of what Saturday had said. And here I thought that all bloggers lived in a van down by the river and relied on stolen Wi-Fi.  Those guys have it made! Anyway, fast forward to today and Saturday is pissed off for being "misquoted". Since he obviously doesn't like when his words are minced "incorrectly", he decided it would be best to throw a playground-like insult towards the blogging world, while dismissing the notion that he was trying to specifically call out Jim Caldwell, or the Colts staff. "All of us as a team failed to get our job done," Saturday claims. After all, he's right. The Colts indeed failed, thanks to being outplayed, out-coached, outsmarted, out-skilled, out-everything'ed. 62-7 represents that pretty clearly. Let it be known that I have great respect and admiration for Saturday. He's a very genuine, blue collar type of guy, and he made a lot of NFL fans proud through his dedication and influence regarding the labor talks, that after all, guided us back the game we love. Even so, I do not think it was necessary of him to take a shot at the people who love, support, and study the Colts, inside and out, simply because they care about the team and what becomes of it. If he was indeed "misquoted" or misinterpreted, which I personally don't think he was, I definitely understand his frustrations. After all, there isn't a day that goes by in which we don't see some media type trying to find/print press gold, when in reality, there was never any to be had. People love to make headlines. That's the nature of the media beast. For reference, here is everything Saturday stated, per the Indy Star:

“It was ridiculous,” Saturday said. “You have a 45-year-old man who probably lives with his mom down in his basement freaking blogging about something that was a direct misquote. It had nothing to do with what I said. At 62-7, there was no redeeming qualities in the way any of us participated, and this is a team thing, 100 percent. “I made it very clear, Coach Caldwell didn’t have on any pads on Sunday, we did. And all of us as a team failed to get our job done. I can assure you I don’t need the media to clarify what I am saying, I speak pretty clearly. And I was insulted someone would do that and try and divide our team and put things in peoples’ mind that don’t need to be there.”

Saturday does makes sense. However, like I previously mentioned, I think Saturday did indeed mean what he said about the Colts being out-coached. I also believe that McCollough was simply forming an opinion off what he had heard (as did many of us). Saturday could have said "out-coached" in the wrong tone or maybe even McCollough or others interpreted it wrong. I didn't see the presser and those are both possibilities. To be honest, I found it strange that I didn't hear more people talking about what Saturday had said. That was confusing to me and really made me wonder about the context in which "out-coached" was actually used by Saturday. Regardless, it would seem that Saturday used "out-coached" in obvious frustration and in a distinct way (enough for people to recognize), and the end result is Saturday trying to patch the road he possibly tore up, by now denying that he ever meant his words to be malicious or indicative of Caldwell/his staff being an incompetent bunch of fools. If he did, in fact, mean it as only to mention the collective effort of suck via Sunday night, he could have just said the usual "we were beat in every aspect of the game" and left it at that. The problem is, he didn't. Coaches state that they were out-coached all the time, but that's expected and usually respected. Accountability and accusations do not hold the same definition. When a player states that his team was "out-coached", it usually means just that and backtracking, in the form of mea culpa or a "taken out of context" blurb is usually always to follow. Sometimes it's too late and things boil over, and sometimes it gets swept under the rug. P.S. Don't talk about "sucking for Luck", or Saturday will kick you in the nuts.

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