Robert Mathis: Colts Not Tanking for Luck

Apparently, Robert Mathis is getting irritated at all the "Suck for Luck" talk. Mathis took to Twitter last night to address the rumors, and had some sobering words for Colts' fans:

"No disrespect to lil bruh but please dont mention anything else about a luck sweepstakes b/c he is not our qb nor are we tanking to get him." "If u are a colts fan, then ride with your boys #PointBlankPeriod if you are not…… #So"

It's nice to see a Colts' player addressing these rumors and the fair weather fans.

Some of you may remember reading this, but last year there was some talk about the Colts tanking the rest of the season last year (when they were 6-6), at which I was pretty irate. I thought the idea of tanking was stupid then (Colts won the next four games and got to the playoffs), and I think it's just as dumb now.

Would tanking the season to get Andrew Luck be beneficial to the Colts? Perhaps. Luck looks like as good as a prospect as any to eventually replace Peyton Manning. But even if Luck was a sure thing to be a franchise quarterback, I would never advocate a team to intentionally lose. And as a fan, I would never root for a loss. If you're a fan of the team, then you root for a win on Sundays. It's that simple. Or, as Mathis says, "If u are a colts fan, then ride with your boys." Point. Blank. Period.

Kyle J. Rodriguez

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