Rally Round Nate

Yesterday I sent this in an email to my cohorts here at Coltsider, after reading this article on 18to88.com.

Don't go to 18to88 Nate has the worst article ever. Super depressing.

Later in the day Nate Dunlevy posted the equally depressing  The Worst Story I Ever Wrote. In it, Nate discusses his struggles with whether or not to continue 18to88. He talks about his difficulties balancing professionalism and objectivity as a fan and how this might lead to the shutdown of 18to88. This simple can not happen. Short and sweet, I don't know Nate. In fact, our only exchange was via twitter, rambling about mediocre Sci-Fi TV shows. But I must say Mr. Dunlevy is the best writer blogging about the Colts. He's the best blogger writing about the Colts. And the best fan blogging and writing about the Colts. No other voice combines his talent, passion and insight. I don't think any reasonable Colts blogger out there would take this as an insult. And most, I'm sure, agree. Many fans have already expressed their wishes Nate continues on. If you have not please sent him a tweet or comment on his blog. If we're going to get through this season with the possibility Peyton will miss significant time and possibly the entire 2011 season, we're going to need Nate's steady pen. Let's just hope Nate's not trying to prepare the fanbase for a season without him a la Irsay Looney Tweets (Please click on link for insight into the mind of Jim Irsay). Nate, seriously bro, we need you.

Kyle J. Rodriguez

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