Quick BP Watch: Things Nobody Mentioned About Polian’s Show

So everybody is jumping on Bill Polian for constructively criticizing Pat McAfee. Why? Not because he was wrong, but because he “singled him out,” and “refused to criticize other facets of the team.”

Unfortunately, that’s a complete load of barn poop.

A lot of what the ole’ ginger said was missed for some odd reason in Stampede Blue’s usually so thorough recap yesterday. Here is some of it. 

  • Polian called out the defensive tackle position, saying there was inconsistencies and gap screw-ups.
  • Said that the defense got some turnovers, but let them get too many points: “No excuse for that.”
  • The Ravens “stymied the offense all day. They won virtually every battle along the front.”
  • Polian was glad the defense limited the long pass.
  • “A lot of room for improvement” in the technique of the DBs in the Tampa-2 scheme.
  • “When we do well in one area, we spring a leak in another.”
  • Praised Dwight Freeney for being awesome, added on Robert Mathis as well.
  • Coaches need to adjust to Peyton Manning not being out there with their protection schemes: “We have to be mindful that if there’s a guy like (Terrell) Suggs out there who’s an over-match, then we have to deal with that.  This isn’t the old offense with Peyton Manning at the helm.”
  • “That’s one thing we have to do, run the ball better, protect better, block for the run better and be a little more patient with the running game.”
  • BP said ALL the running backs had a good day, not just Brown.
  • Polian seemed really adamant about sticking with the run game. Hopefully Caldwell/Christensen takes notice.
  • Now he finally gets to McAfee, who he compliments pretty heavily, and then says that he can improve in directional and strategic punting, so he doesn’t out-kick his coverage. ” That’s largely an off-season project, but Pat’s a good enough athlete to do some of that now. “
  • “Defensively, we just need to keep getting better at the fundamentals, clean up the inconsistencies, particularly inside, make sure we have the right gap covered, make sure we’re in the right position, make sure we execute the stunts properly and the linebackers and secondary will do the rest. “
  • Polian hit a lot on how the defensive players need to improve their technique. Seemed to be focused on the young DBs and DTs.
  • BP said he didn’t think Darren Evans was quite fast enough to be a returner, but that he was a “pretty good special teams player” in the other facets.

It’s pretty clear that BP wasn’t just calling out Patty Mac, or “blaming him” for the season, as some have ridiculously shouted. No, he merely offered some constructive criticism, in the midst of criticism of the rest of the team.

This was all just taken from the transcript at Colts.com of the Polian Corner, the first part. If the second part has any overlooked pieces that are interesting I may post them when it comes out. I know that most people won’t want to read through the transcript, but rely on summaries and news stories, so I’ll try to update when things get overlooked by other sources.


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