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On the bright side, the Five Head lives!

I don't like to overreact to new information, especially when the source of that information is nothing more than a radio talk show host.  But it's hard to ignore when somebody, anybody, reports that Peyton Manning is out for the season.  This is what Jake Query, 1260 WNDE host, tweeted just a few hours ago (clarifying his radio remarks):

"What I said: A source I consider reliable told me he [Manning] is out for the season.  I do believe that the actual diagnosis is still being determined."

My first reaction was no reaction.  No offense to Jake, but I'd like to hear it from someone within the Colts' organization that Peyton Manning is out for the season.  Jake also went as far as to say that Peyton has already had his 3rd neck procedure, which contradicts what the Colts have said about Peyton.  Again, no disrespect to Jake because he's just reporting what he's been told, but at this point, we really don't know what (or who) to believe. Shortly after those rumors started spreading, ESPN's Adam Schefter received a text from a Colts source, stating that the Colts are, "aware of the rumors, but can't confirm rumors.  That is all they are".  While that appears to be an encouraging response, it still raises question marks since the Colts can't even "deny" such rumors. Just recently, Jim Irsay took to his Twitter account to once again address Manning's health:

"Peyton didn't have a medical procedure last Sunday, we'll have more info 2 add clarity 2 [the] situation soon."

Again, not exactly striking confidence into Colts fans that Irsay specified the exact day that Manning did or didn't have surgery.  Furthermore, Will Carroll of Yahoo! Sports tweeted:

"Unless a very good source is flat out lying to me, Manning has not had a procedure since May.  Not scheduled now.  Possible, waiting on tests."

I apologize for all of the links and quotes, but this situation is really turning into a 'he-said-she-said' story.  It sounds like Manning hasn't had any further procedures, and won't until they receive the results from further diagnostic tests.  So I ask all of you Colts fans out there: CROSS YOUR FINGERS!  Cross your toes, pray, plead, beg, whatever you need to do to ensure that the results of these new tests don't require additional surgery.  If they do, Manning's season is done, and any likely chance the Colts had at another Superbowl is done too. During this time of uncertainty, Colts fans must come together, unite, and remain positive.  Continue to cheer on Wayne, Freeney, Addai, Clark, and the rest of your beloved Colts…And keep your fingers crossed that these tests bring us some positive news regarding #18's future.

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