Peyton Manning Chose More Painful Surgery, Faster Recovery

Lost in Sunday's coverage of the Colts' game was a report from Jay Glazer on Peyton Manning's recent neck surgery. According to Glazer:

The rare procedure involved taking a chunk of bone from Manning’s hip to fuse the C2 the C3 vertebrae. The surgery is painful and invasive, so much so that most doctors choose a more conventional protocol that uses a cadaver bone to perform the fusion, doctors told Manning’s aggressive procedure, theoretically, could cut his recover time from six months or more to as little as six to eight weeks, several doctors told

Apparently, this surgery is much more painful for Manning, and could lead to chronic hip pain, as twenty percent of patients feel pain in that hip area for the rest of their lives.This just goes to show what everybody should already know.

Peyton Manning is one tough cookie. He's the ultimate gamer.

We all know of Peyton Manning's incredible passion for the game but really think about this. Even with Manning's modified surgery, he needs 6-8 weeks to recover. If the Colts don't improve from the debacle in Houston, then they could likely be out of playoff contention after Week 8.

Now, obviously the Colts could win a few of these games and still technically be in the race, but we haven't yet seen that ability out of this team. Maybe we will on Sunday. Despite the unlikelihood of the Colts being in playoff contention when Manning gets healthy (if that is before the end of the season), Manning still chose the more painful surgery.

This may not be the smart move for Manning's health, his family, and his long term future. I don't know if there are any more risks to this type of surgery.

I do know one thing though. Manning is laying it all on the line for the Colts. Manning could take his new $90 million contract and take his time recovering, allowing this season to be a wash. A lesser quarterback, a lesser football player, may have done that. But not Manning. Manning did the hard thing, did the risky thing.

He did it for the team, for the city of Indianapolis, and for the NFL. Peyton Manning is a gamer; he just wants to play football and propel his team to wins. He, of all people, knows how important his play is to the success of the Indianapolis Colts.

He'll do whatever it takes to win. That's why he's Peyton Manning. That's why he is, in my book, the GOAT.

Kyle J. Rodriguez

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