Performances Against the Panthers: Brown Impresses, Painter Struggles

The Colts lost again to the Panthers on Sunday, bringing them to 0-11 for the season. Despite the team failure, their continues to be varying individual performances by the players and coaches.

The Good

Donald Brown: Brown was fantastic on Sunday, rushing for 80 yards on 14 carries. 80 yards was the most Brown's had all season, and he was consistent as well, gaining 5.7 yards per carry and being successful on 57% of his runs. Brown ran hard, often times making something out of nothing with a 2-3 yard run after there was penetration in the backfield. Brown also had a key 17 yard reception on the Colts final, potentially game-winning drive.

Reggie Wayne: Wayne looked like he was 28 again with five catches for 122 yards against the Panthers. He had catches of 56 (touchdown) and 40 yards, and basically inflated Curtis Painter's otherwise horrendous stats.

Frathis/Meeney: Dwight Freeney and Robert Mathis got back on track this week with a sack each, of 20 and 12 yards, respectively. Both defensive ends also had a tackle for loss and two quarterback hits.

Ryan Mahaffey: The rookie fullback was opening huge holes for Donald Brown before getting a concussion. He also had a one-handed catch for a first down.

Pat McAfee: The punter continues to have a great year with an average of 45.6 yards on Sunday, despite kicking from deep in Colts territory on nearly every punt. McAfee also had two special teams tackles.

The Bad

Curtis Painter: Just awful. Painter was missing open receivers all day, whether it was just a bad read or a bad throw, it seemed like he couldn't hit anybody. He finally found a rhythm late in the game, but even then came short as he tried to force one in to Austin Collie. Painter ended with 15/29 for 226 yards with one touchdown and two picks.

Joseph Addai: He looks like he's still hurting. Addai ran for just 23 yards on 7 carries (3.3 YPC), but even that was an aberration. Take away a 16 yard run and Addai ran for seven yards on six carries. That 16 yard run was the only one above 3 yards all day.

Tyler Brayton, Jamaal Anderson, and Jerry Hughes: All three of these DE's were awful in run support, failing to contain the edge or just getting blocked right out of the play. Anderson did have a crucial blocked field goal, and the three also combined for nine tackles. But their performance in run support was terrible, and led to the Panthers gaining 201 yards rushing (5.7 YPC).

Coaching: Once again, the Colts coaches proved their incompetence with bad playcalling. Larry Coyer continues to call stunts and inside rushes by Freeney and Mathis, usually resulting in the quarterback having a million years to pass the ball. On offense, the Colts continue to run pass heavy offenses, despite Painter's failing and the running game's success. For example: on the two drives prior to the final one, the Colts ran three times for 25 yards. On the final drive they never ran, even when it was 1st and goal from the three yard line. In fact, the Colts ran the ball only ONE time all game when it was 3 yards or less to go for a first down/touchdown. And it was successful.

I'm sure there were additions that could be made to either parts of this list, but these were the ones that stuck out to me the most. Others will have to wait til the film gets reviewed. Anybody you noticed, good or bad?  

Kyle J. Rodriguez

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