Notes on Colts’ Depth Chart for Week One

As we posted earlier this afternoon, the Colts released their unofficial depth chart to the media today, which had some interesting tidbits to think about as we approach Week One. In light of this, there are several things I'd like to address:

  • It's interesting to see that Pollak/Richard aren't even listed as backup guards on the depth chart. It still doesn't make sense to me why they kept Richard. Like I said at the time, there's no reason to keep Richard if Pollak is the backup center. Both DeVan and McClendon had more potential than Richard. Obviously, just because they're on the chart under center doesn't mean they can't play guard if needed. Still, it's worth noting that the Colts have very little quality depth on the OL. 
  • Delone Carter has moved up over Donald Brown for the backup running back position. I've seen a lot of upset fans on Twitter, claiming outrage that we didn't cut Donald Brown last week. Isn't this expected? Why all the indignation that Brown is listed as third? Delone Carter has looked great in the preseason, much more than just the short-yardage back we hoped for. Brown would fit better as a third-down type of back anyway, especially with his improved pass blocking. Brown still was the right player to keep. I'm actually encouraged that the coaches are that impressed with Carter.
  • There's also been some indignation about second-year defensive end Jerry Hughes being listed as third on the depth chart at RDE. Again, why? If the Colts' defensive sets during the preseason meant anything, the Colts are going to try to run alternate defensive lines on running and passing downs. Freeney and Mathis will be the pass specialists, while Tyler Brayton and Jamaal Anderson will be the run defenders. Hughes is a pass rushing end, stuck behind two of the best in the league. He's going to be playing the least amount of time this year, unless injury comes to one of the Pro-Bowlers.
  • The Colts need another defensive tackle. The depth, especially considering Antonio Johnson's injury history, is laughable.
  • Ernie Sims is the third WLB. Just a few weeks ago, Sims was competing with Kavell Conner for the starting job, now he's sitting behind undrafted free agent Adrian Moten.
  • Terrence Johnson now has the dime cornerback spot after spending most of the 2010 season unemployed. He played extremely well during the preseason, and Colts' fans should be excited for his progress. Nevertheless, I'd like to see Kevin Thomas higher up on the chart by the end of the season.
  • The Colts are confident in Joe Lefeged for return duties. Good to see, as they let Devin Moore, Chad Spann and David Gilreath go. Lefeged has looked good in the preseason, but live action games is completely different.
  • Jacob Tamme is apparently pretty multi-talented, listed as the backup holder, long snapper, H-Back, and tight end.

All in all, I don't think there is anything too depressing here. I still want to see Ijalana improve in the next couple weeks, and start over Jeff Linkenbach as soon as possible. Other than that, I just need Peyton Manning to get a new neck.

Kyle J. Rodriguez

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