Notes from Wednesday’s Camp: Roster Changes and More

The Colts had another practice and scrimmage on Wednesday, with a walkthrough in the morning, and a full scrimmage during the night-time practice. Here are some tidbits from around the web:

  • These players sat out the night practice (from Tom James): Sitting out Wednesday night's practice were CB Jacob Lacey , OG Jaimie Thomas , OG Jamey Richard, DE Jamaal Anderson, LB Ernie Sims, DT DeMario Pressley, WR Chris Brooks , LB Cody Glenn, TE Brody Eldridge, WR Joe Horn, WR Blair White (PUP), QB Peyton Manning (PUP).
  • Note on Jacob Lacey, who sat out the night practice: James also reported that Lacey did practice in the morning practice, showing no ill effects from the unknown Tuesday injury that caused him to leave practice. He's still expected to start on Saturday versus the Rams. 
  • Since adding TE Michael Matthews on Tuesday, the Colts made a few more minor changes including: cutting injured WR Kole Heckendorf (foot) and OT James Williams (foot). The Colts also signed WR Marshall Williams and LB Vuna Tuihalamaka, who was signed as a UFDA last off-season. On Wednesday, the Colts announced the signing of offensive guard Josh Beekman. Beekman was very good at Boston College, but underperformed for the Bears from 2007-2009 (although he did start 20 games, including all of 2008). After the 2009 season, the Bears cut him, and Beekman's been in the UFL ever since. He could be a prospect that could be decent depth with some polishing.
  • Jacob Crocker from Coltzilla reports that Adam Vinatieri was kicking 55-60 yard field goals during practice. James also reported that he hit about seven in a row at the start of practice, including a 60 yarder.
  • The return spots are set for Saturday's game, according to James. Devin Moore will be handling KR, and David Gilreath will take the PR duties.
  • According to Jim Caldwell, Donald Brown is having a good training camp. "After being around for two years now, he understands the lay of the land. He has a real good grasp of our system and what we're doing."
  • Rookie Jake Kirkpatrick continues to get time with the second team, and will see plenty of playing time in Saturday's game.
  • Bill Polian told Paul Kuharsky that he felt good about having Mookie and Drake Nevis at nose tackle. Interesting that A: Nevis will likely be playing NT, and B: the Colts likely aren't looking to pick up a veteran DT such as Pat Williams.
  • Austin Collie is simply dominating practices, according to everybody that's been at practice. If he can be healthy all season, Manning is going to be ecstatic.
  • Not only Collie, but all of the top four receivers seem to be doing well. I've seen nothing but good about them coming out of Anderson.
  • The offensive line however hasn't had the same glowing reviews. The defensive line and linebacker crews seem to be beating them pretty regularly. Whether that's due more to the improved nature of the defense or the lack of skill on the OL has yet to be determined, but it's still not a great sign for a young OL.
  • Melvin Bullitt had the big hit of the day, drilling Chad Spann in the backfield for a two yard loss.
  • Delone Carter has continued to look very good as a goal line back.

For more detailed notes see Jacob Crocker and Matt Grecco's Twitter accounts, and Grecco's writeup on Stampede Blue. Both attended practice yesterday.

Quotables: Polian on Manning's injury and backup quarterbacks:

“In our case, now because of Peyton [Manning's] situation, we’ll probably have to carry a third quarterback. We’ve never done it before really, we’ve had that guy on the practice squad. Absent an injury to one of your quarterbacks I think the 46th guy is a good thing for the game, it gives you primarily an extra guy to play special teams.”

Polian on Ijalana playing guard vs. tackle:

“I think you put him at tackle and let him go. The young ones will ready when they are ready, and then they will get on the field. They certainly have enough talent, that’s obvious.”

Caldwell is impressed by the level of play so far:

“It’s moving along. I’ve been talking to the team about six inches at a time and they’ve been kind of moving forward, making good progress.”

Polian on the different strategy during free agency:

“Guys were looking for jobs. Agents weren’t looking to make markets, guys were looking for jobs. It was a different situation; we recognized it and these are three guys that fit perfectly for us. I’m not sure that that presents itself in a more stable, traditional marketplace.”

What Caldwell looks for during preseason games:

“I think it’s a great time for us in terms of evaluation.  We get a chance to see some young guys get out there and play in front of the lights for the first time.  The speed of the game, that’s really the thing you’re trying to determine is whether or not a guy can match up to that speed.  I was telling one of the young kick returners the other day, David Gilreath, that he is going to see the biggest, fastest collection of players coming down the field to cover that kick and anything sideways in this league gets run down pretty quickly, so you’d better find a seem.  It’s always interesting to see how guys adjust.”

Ben Ijalana on his first pro game:

“I mean there’s always going to be some curiousness but once I touch the guy and I know okay, we put our pants on leg at a time, let’s go.  I’m excited.  There are no preseason games in college; this is going to be a new experience.  I was saying earlier I might not be going against a veteran because I don’t know when I’ll get in the game but maybe I’ll go against another rookie, maybe somebody who is hungry and trying to get the best of me and I need to get the best of him.  It’s going to be interesting.”

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