Notes From Sunday’s Game

Here are some quick-hitters from Sunday's game.

  • The defense, though better than last week, only forced one punt. The Ravens offense isn't great (although 12th in the league isn't too shabby), but was still able to pretty much move the ball at will, but didn't put up a ton of points. This would have been a classic "bend-don't-break" game had the Colts been healthy on defense.
  • After being sensational on third down last week, the Colts were awful this week, going 2-14.
  • Orlovsky's lack of pocket presence really showed this week, taking four sacks and fumbling the ball three times. Fortunately, the Colts recovered all three. Castonzo was struggling with Terrell Suggs' speed rush, but Orlovsky needs to feel the pressure and step up. We see opposing quarterbacks do it with Freeney and Mathis coming around the edge every week, why can't Painter/Orlovsky?
  • The running game was non-existent this week, getting just 50 yards on 16 carries. The Colts really need Joe Reitz back, who was active this week, but never played, as Mike Pollak came in and played pretty poorly. I've been very disappointed in Pollak's play this year. It seemed like he was starting to come along at the end of last year, but he's been bad this year. However, the play of Reitz, when healthy, has been surprisingly good, which bodes well for the future.
  • Freeney and Mathis still have it! Freeney sacked Joe Flacco twice, getting to 101.5 for his career, just the 26th player to gain 100 sacks. Mathis had two QB hits on the day, as well as two tackles for a loss, and six tackles total.
  • There were several plays this week that were just mind-boggling from a secondary standpoint. On one of the touchdown passes by Flacco, there were two receivers there about to catch it, and no defenders.
  • The Colts' kick return unit was much better than normal this week, as Joe Lefeged had room to get past the 30 on several returns, including a 50 yarder.
  • Orlovsky was awful this week, but one thing that did stand out to me was his use of Collie and the TEs in the middle of the field. When the Colts did move the ball, a big part was due to those players. It seemed like Painter would lock on to the outside receivers at times, not targeting the middle of the field.
  • It looked like Garcon dropped a couple of catchable balls this week, nothing that was just an embarrassing drop, but a few catches that Id like to see him make, especially if he's going to be a great outside threat (which I think he can be). One was a near touchdown catch, where the defender fell and Garcon was off-balance, but had his hands on the ball as he fell backwards. Great receivers make those catches, and I think Garcon has it in him to be a great receiver.
  • It really seems like Ernie Sims can not cover anybody. TE's and RB's were targeted 13 times by Flacco, and they were caught 12 times.
  • What Caldwell was thinking when he kicked a field goal from the five yard line, down 17 on the road, I'll never know. It was nice to see him go for four 4th downs though.
I'll have more on this game once I take a look at the tape, but these seemed pretty accurate based on the one look I got at them.
Kyle J. Rodriguez

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