Notes and Quotes: The Weekend and Monday’s Practice

The Colts had some interesting developments over the weekend, with some good news coming in regards to injury, and some hilarious, or frustrating if you were one of the over-reactors, tweets from our oh-so-delightful owner.

First, injury updates! Some good news regarding Collie and our new defensive free agents:

WR Austin Collie (knee), LB Ernie Sims (appendectomy), DE Jamaal Anderson (groin) and DT Tommie Harris (hamstring) participated in Monday's workout. Collie, Sims and Harris have been sidelined for the past week. Anderson practiced last Thursday but did not play against the Redskins.

Good to see Collie back into practice, same with the three FA's. I'd like to see them all make the roster, but Harris and Anderson really need to show more. I think Sims would make it if cuts were today, but I don't know if the other two would. I'm especially anxious to see Harris show more from a DT standpoint. On the flip side of the injury issue, here are the players who sat out Monday's practice:

Among those that sat out Monday's practice: WR Anthony Gonzalez (hamstring), TE Mike McNeill, S Al Afalava (groin), LB Chip Vaughn, S Antoine Bethea (hamstring), WR Reggie Wayne (personal) and CB Chris Rucker (hamstring).

Ryan Diem and Chad Spann also sat out the afternoon workout. Obviously Bethea and Gonzalez are the two key ones here. Bethea tweaked his hammy running down Tim Hightower during Friday night's game, and Gonzo's injury is somewhat of an unknown. Gonzo needs to get his butt on the field, but I'm not too worried about Bethea. He's been a rock the last few seasons.

On another note, Wayne's personal matter is being reported as him having a child. Despite these reports, some rumor mongerers will jump to conclusions and try to rock the boat. Silly people. Also, Caldwell says he could return to practice today. Colts players gave their opinion Monday about Manning's likelyhood to start on September 11th, and it seems that they're pretty confident in their quarterback.

Robert Mathis had the most assured quote of the day:

"Our triggerman will be back and he's going to be ready to go. There's no doubt in my mind."

Good to see Manning's teammates are confident in him being back. It just adds to my assumption that the team still sees him starting against Houston. It also helps that Manning was reported to having a good workout Saturday and is "making progress throwing the ball."

More quotes: Brackett on Irsay's tweets:

"I think they're hilarious. Usually, he's trying to write something from some kind of country song, he has a lot of giveaways or whatever. But I wouldn't call anything on Twitter gospel."

Blair White on Manning's involvement in preseason:

"He's always involved. He knows when he needs to put his head in and when he needs to do his rehab. He's on his own schedule."

Mathis on contract situation:

"Never gave it a thought. There was just too much going on to stir the pot like that. I can only speak for myself, but I don't think it makes sense to hold out in a lockout year when you've got to get a key guy (Peyton Manning) signed… The Colts' motto is 'taking care of our own. I've got to hold up my end and hope they hold up their end."

Smart man. Colts better resign him, as long as he doesn't look for ridiculous money. Anthony Gonzalez on Manning and offseason workouts:

"One thing we always lean on, and the same will be true this year, is we generally have really good offseasons with Peyton and the receivers getting together," Gonzalez said. "With the lockout, we had a lot more freedom. I feel like we got to throw just as much, maybe more than we ever have. Rhythm-wise, that's what you fall back on when things come up."

Vinatieri on Favre and his #4:

"[Favre] is going to have to wrestle me for it. I'm going to whip that old man's butt. Obviously I'm joking. That number is going to be on my back."

It's a good thing Vinatieri clarified he was joking. Otherwise we'd have people panicking again: "BRETT FAVRE TO FIGHT ADAM VINATIERI!" "THE LEGENDS WILL BATTLE FOR JERSEY RIGHTS!" Caldwell on the plan for the QBs on Friday:

We have our guys that are here that understand what we’re doing. We’re trying to get them better all the time. I don’t think there’s any question about that. Curtis (Painter) is learning, but he also has ability. We fully well think he has the ability to get the job done. He’s just got to be able to do it. It’s coming along…What you want to see is consistency. That’s the thing we’re looking for, all across the board. I think he’s already shown he can move the ball. He just hasn’t been able to do it consistently, and that’s what he’s working on. He needs some help, too. This week he’ll get a great opportunity, I think, to really focus in on the opposition and we’ll see how he does. He’s always seemed to measure up in situations like this.”

Really? Painter always seemed to measure up? I guess I missed that. Dallas Clark on Painter:

“He’s been a great professional…He’s learned a lot and these preseason games are a huge, huge benefit for him to see things he doesn’t sitting on the sidelines watching. You have to experience it to see it. Each rep he gets, he’s only going to get better. We look for continuous improvement from everyone. That’s why these preseason games, not only for Curtis, but just the rookies, the younger guys, the veterans, it’s real important to get these reps and improve from them.”

Inside, Clark is quivering at the thought of Painter actually playing in a real game. "Our triggerman will be back and he's going to be ready to go," Pro Bowl defensive end Robert Mathis said when asked about the season opener. "There's no doubt in my mind."

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