Notes and Quotes: Monday’s Training Camp

The Colts and their fans are still recovering from the 33-10 loss to the St. Louis Rams, a meaningless game, but one that people will analyze to death. Why? Because it's freaking football!

First off, there's a multitude of injury updates from Monday's practice, in the wake of the Rams game.

From Tom James, here's the good:

Returning for Monday's practice were DT DeMario Pressley (hamstring), LB Cody Glenn (neck), TE Brody Eldridge (knee), WR Joe Horn (back), DE Dwight Freeney , DT Fili Moala (foot), OG Jamey Richard (calf).

And the bad:

Sitting out Monday's practice were LB Adrian Moten (foot), LB Ernie Sims (appendectomy), S Joe Lefeged (groin), DE Jamaal Anderson (groin), OG Jaimie Thomas (back), WR Pierre Garcon (back), DT Tommie Harris.

Also, according to Mike Chappell, Austin Collie missed practice today, as he got his knee examined by team physicians. According to Caldwell, Collie's injury was not related to his concussions from last year, and he should be fine. Same with Pierre Garcon, who bruised his back with his backflip catch. My guess is that they're just being extra cautions with any of the veterans who have tweaks.

One that worries me is Joe Lefeged. He could be a very good player, and he needs the training camp reps. Hopefully he's back soon.

Also, Harris' hamstring injury worries me, as he's had problems in the past with hamstrings. Hopefully this isn't a sign of things to come, or Harris won't make the 53 man roster.

Check out more tidbits and quotes after the jump!

From training camp, there wasn't much news, due to it being simply a walk through. There was reports that Pat McAfee was working on field goals again, this time hitting 56 and 57 yarders, with 10 yards to spare.

Tom James' also reports that the Colts may still consider moving Ben Ijalana to guard.

Time for quotes!

Caldwell on Saturday's game:

“We thought we did some things fairly well. One of the things when you look at the tape after a game, oftentimes turnovers can kind of cloud some pretty decent play from individuals. Some of that was hidden. After we got through that little shaky start with our number one offense, we came right back and drove the ball down the field nine plays and got us in a position to score to end up with a field goal. Defense, I think we did a pretty good job. We were really backed against the wall there the first drive (after the interception). We were back deep in our territory (on the third drive), but they came back and had a three-and-out (to force a field goal). So, there was some pretty good play in there in the brief time some of the guys (first-teamers) were in there. Even with the younger guys, some of the younger guys played pretty hard and played well and showed up in a number of different places. It’s a team game. Some of the turnovers kind of threw the game out of balance and made it a little difficult for us to put as many points on the board as we’d like.”

On the backup quarterback situation:

“I can just tell you we’re not going to make any real hard and fast assessment. From what we’ve seen, those guys have practiced extremely well. They’re coming along and doing a nice job. You cannot expect them to be Peyton Manning on the first night out. I will never see another one (Peyton Manning) in my lifetime and you may not see one in yours. These guys what they have to do is develop their own comfort level where they’re consistent. They both have the ability to move the ball. Both of them had pretty decent drives during the course of the game but nevertheless, it wasn’t consistent enough. … We’re going to be patient and work and develop and keep working with them because I think in both cases it’s too early to make an assessment, and we think they’re making good progress.”

On what to take away from first game:

“You can’t make huge assessments about the first outing of the year. That’s one of the things that you can make a big mistake that way. We have to be able to develop, and you usually see a lot of room for development between the first preseason game and the second, so we’ll certainly be looking for that. The practices leading up to our next game against Washington are going to be huge.”

On the rookie offensive tackles:

"I thought they did a pretty nice job for their first time out. [But] from a technical standpoint, I was not exactly pleased with everything."

Dan Orlovsky on handling the Colts' offense:

“There’s a part that’s encouraging because I did feel comfortable doing a lot of it. There’s a part that’s not discouraging but kind of grabs your attention and puts your mind to say, ‘How do I really want this to be run?’ Not that it was run wrong, but how do I make it run to be as successful a play (possible) in certain situations. There are encouraging moments. There are moments that are challenging. It will be good to go watch (tape) and get another week of practice. Only having one week of practice going into this one (game), so another week of practice, every single practice will be big.”


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