Note and Quotes: Brackett, Sims Out for Sunday [UPDATE]

While the Colts and coach Jim Caldwell have received much criticism lately (unfairly, IMO) for an unstable relationship with the local media, Indy Star beat writer Phillip Wilson reports Caldwell was surprisingly open with information today. Caldwell gave several good bits of information, including the following updates on players' health: On Kavell Conner (foot): "I think he's going to be OK." On Gary Brackett and Ernie Sims:

“Gary and Ernie both will not play this week. There’s not a whole lot of guesswork involved. We’ll just make the adjustments we have to make and we’ll move forward from there.”

This likely means that Angerer will start at MLB, with Conner and Phillip Wheeler as the OLBs.On whether the Colts would pursue another linebacker:

"I probably can't comment until it's absolutely official."

We should note that it is official now, as Wilson reports that the Colts added LB Nate Triplett to the active roster, and, as we reported yesterday, added LB Caleb Campbell to the practice squad. On Anthony Gonzalez:

"He was fairly close before Houston and I think he'll be even closer this week."

Brittany Diehl (of Fox 59) also reported that Gonzalez will get a full load of practice this week, and may play on Sunday. Caldwell also had some interesting things to say about the offensive line and Donald Brown:

Asked for his assessment on #Colts' O-line, Caldwell said, "Inconsistent." He then added, "I think you'll see vast improvement."
Why is Donald Brown not playing more at RB for #Colts? Coach Caldwell: "It's a production issue."

I hope Caldwell is right on the offensive line (and I think he is), because they were terrible last Sunday. If Kerry Collins is going to be this team's starting quarterback, he needs more time.

As for Donald Brown, this angers me. I have been a big proponent of keeping Brown, because I think he can be productive. I think Brown would make a good tool as a 3rd down back, or as a wild-card type of player that can run, catch out of the backfield, or line up wide. If Brown gets the ball in space, then I believe he can be productive, which is why I believe the Colts' should have kept him. However, if the coaches don't think he can be productive, then he shouldn't be on the team.

The Colts have enough depth problems at other positions such as defensive tackle and offensive linemen. If the Colts aren't going to try to get something from him, then he's of no use to me, and he's of no use to the Colts.

[UPDATE] Wilson now has a great piece up on his "Bounce it off Phil B" blog that details today's press conference. Read it.

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