King: Procedure “has not happened yet”

After another day of more Peyton Manning injury rumors popping out of the bag, I can cling to a new tweet from Peter King claiming that no procedure has been conducted, nor confirmed for #18. It's a possibility, but I'm sticking to the notion that he just needs some more time. Here's is the first part of King's tweet:

“Peyton Manning has not had a procedure on his neck, I am told reliably.”

King didn't completely shut down the surgery rumors, stating that Manning "could have a procedure." That's not great news, but better than the speculation that Manning had already been shut down for the season.

King also stated, "He [Manning] and team still investigating options. But it has not happened yet.” More refreshing news for Colts' fans.

Today, along with others, Jake Query of 1260 WNDE radio all but confirmed (confirmation is kind of important) that Manning was done for the season and the mystery procedure had already been completed. It seems as if one of his sources might have jumped the gun on their information. So with that said, the only thing left to do is remain positive and hope for the best possible outcome, which is hopefully no more cutting on Manning.

If he absolutely needs to go under the knife again, there's obviously no question that he should have it done. Manning risking the rest of his career to play this season is certainly not worth the sacrifice of his overall health, well-being, or life after football. I'm no doctor, but spinal and neck injuries are not something to mess around with.

After all, it was Manning's older brother Cooper who was forced to end his football career due to the narrowing of his spinal canal. I want Manning out there just as much as anyone else, but the guy has a blooming family and priorities that trump another Super Bowl ring. I apologize if I'm depressing anyone, but I've seen a lot of ignorant and disgusting comments plastered about regarding Manning's injury that have made me realize how insensitive some people are. Hopefully this tid bit of seemingly good news can help you sleep a little easier.

Until tomorrow's new rumor, that is…

Kyle J. Rodriguez

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