New Poll: Should Caldwell be the coach of the 2012 Colts?

After last night's game, the heat is once again on Indianapolis Colts' head coach Jim Caldwell. The game was littered with questionable calls, from both a head coaching standpoint (punting with three minutes left, not going for it on fourth and one from midfield) and a coordinator standpoint (play calling was bad on both sides of the ball).

I'll have a post up later this week on the play calling, but I think every Colts fan was miffed at some point or another last night. In my opinion, Jim Caldwell is a very good leader. He has the support of his players, and they play hard for him. He led the team to a Super Bowl during his first year, and didn't let the team give up in 2010 after a plethora of injuries hit the squad.

This season, the team has shown great heart and pride in its first four games, making the games surprisingly competitive. Unfortunately, that pride and heart is not leading to winning games. While Caldwell is a good leader (from my perspective), his in-game coaching is not up to par. Of course, there will be detractors from that opinion, but it seems fairly obvious to me.

That being said, does Caldwell deserve another shot in 2012? And by extension, does his staff (mainly the coordinators: offensive, defensive, and special teams)? The team will most likely not make a coaching change during the season, but the off-season is a whole different story. Add your input in the comments, and vote to let us know what you think.

Kyle J. Rodriguez

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