Monday’s NFL Roundup: Week One

Editor's Note: Every Monday, I'll be recapping the week's NFL results. As Colts' fans, we should not only keep up on our own team, but on the competition. Hopefully, these weekly roundups will give you some basic knowledge about what's going on throughout the league. Quick notes on each game,  who's hot, and Monday Night Football predictions will all be a part of the weekly series.

What a crazy week for football.

After the Saints and Packers opened up the season with a great game (one that ended on a Packers' goal line stand to save the game), the University of Michigan topped Notre Dame in one of the best football games I've seen in a long time.

Of course, after all that great football, the Colts came out and were embarrassed on Sunday afternoon. However, looking throughout the league, there were many different surprises, and a few new teams this year that I would keep an eye on in the coming weeks.

Chicago bests Atlanta, 30-12 Matt Ryan made some mistakes, and while the Chicago offensive line is still terrible (Four sacks, 11 tackles for loss, and 3.3 average on the ground), the defense looks like the 2006 version. The Falcons couldn't get anything going all game, and Chicago took advantage of turnovers and big plays.

Bengals beat the Browns in the battle of Ohio castoffs While the Colts are bad, Cincinnati and Cleveland are two of the most pitiful franchises in the league. In a slopfest, the Bungles were able to eke out a victory with two fourth quarter touchdowns, winning 27-17. And this was with the Bengals third string quarterback, Bruce Gradkowski. The Colts might actually have a chance against this Browns' team.

Buffalo upsets Kansas City in a major way In a game I certainly didn't see coming, the Buffalo Bills dominated the Kansas City Chiefs in every facet of the game. The final score was 41 to 6. Remember this Colts' fans, at least we didn't lose to the Bills.

Dream team overcomes early mistakes to beat Rams While the Rams scored a touchdown on their first offensive play (a 47 yard run by Steven Jackson), the Eagles righted the ship and got the win, 31-13. It didn't help that Sam Bradford and Steven Jackson both were injured, leaving the game.

Lions take care of Bucs, 27-20 Both of these teams are options for 2011's "Sexy pick by every journalist ever to finally make the playoffs again!" Detroit however gained a huge advantage with a big win today, their first win on opening day since 2007. Matthew Stafford looked very good, and should be a very capable franchise  quarterback if he stays healthy.

Tits lose to the Glitter Kitties In a slow, low scoring game the Jaguars limped away with the win, 16-14. Both offenses were weak, with Jacksonville's revamped defense completely shutting down Chris Johnson for just 27 yards.

Baltimore blows out Pittsburgh In another upset that nobody was expecting, the Ravens took first blood in the annual Baltimore/Pittsburgh war, winning 35-7. Ben Roethlisberger showed how great he is, throwing three picks on the day. The Baltimore defense was brilliant… and they're on my fantasy team.

Panthers lose to Cardinals, 28-21 While this game is between two bottom dwellers in the NFC, there is a lot of talk about this game, largely due to the play of overall first round pick, Cam Newton. Newton threw for 422 yards an two touchdowns, the most yards by any NFL quarterback in their opener.

Chargers edge out Vikings Despite allowing Percy Harvin to run back the opening kick for a touchdown, San Diego won the game with a touchdown pass from Phillip Rivers to Vincent Jackson with five minutes left in the game.

San Fransisco slams Seattle, 33-17 Jim Harbaugh's team looks good in the opener, and could very well win the division at this rate. With a kickoff return and punt return in fourth quarter, Ted Ginn Jr. single handedly put the nail in the Seahawks coffin.

Giants embarrassed by loss to Redskins If they're not already, they should be. The Giants made Rex Grossman look good, and lost 28-14.

Jets rally for win against Cowboys In a battle of the big media markets, the Jets scored 17 points in the fourth quarter, giving them the comeback victory, 27-24. The Jets were helped by several mistakes by Tony Romo, who also is on my fantasy team (numbers were good for fantasy despite real-life explorers.

My predictions for Monday night: Pats, 28-24 and Raiders, 23-16

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