Manning to Join the Sideline, November Return Possible [UPDATE]

Well, here's a little cream for your coffee. If you don't like cream, then here's a donut. If you don't like donuts, shame on you. According to the AP, Peyton Manning is still keeping the faith for a return this season. Many expected the Colts to IR Manning, but a return before December is not out of the question. Manning could possibly suit up in November, depending on the progression of his rehab. With the way this season is going, I'll take some good news wherever I can get it. Sitting at 0-4, I doubt there is any realistic chance that we even come close to a "playoff run", but I guess anything is possible. If Manning is able to return, be healthy, and play some games to get his rhythm back, I'm all for it. I know a lot of people want to jump on the draft Luck bandwagon, but if Manning can return to his old self, I'd say there are certainly other positions that could be addressed within the 2012 draft, before quarterback. With that said, Manning will also be making a return to the sidelines against the Kansas City Chiefs, now that he has been cleared by doctors to do so. Manning has been receiving X-rays every four weeks. Is that even more good news? Sure is! I could get used to this. UPDATE: The Colts will continue to hold onto a roster spot for Manning, so he can at least return to practice this season. Manning considered the possibility that he may need to join the IR to free up a roster spot, thanks to some more bites from the Colts' injury bug:

"I think you have to have hope until the doctors rule you out," he said. "We're having a lot of injuries so if they (the Colts) come to me and say they have to make a move, I won't fight them on that. "The good Lord is calling my plays and I'm not allowed to audible at this point, so I have to listen to the doctors."

Manning also reminisced on his first win after entering the league in his rookie season and beginning 0-4:

"You know I'm the only guy to be 0-4 on this team, and what a thrilling win that one over the Chargers was, right?" Manning recalled, referring to his first NFL victory. "Was that the fifth game? Yeah I thought so, so I'll be like all true Colts' fans, hoping for a win Sunday."

If there was ever a perfect time to sneak in a win, it'll be Sunday against an injury plagued Chiefs. As always, GO COLTS!

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