Manning Injury Drama Continues

As if Colts' fans weren't already pulling out their hair in anticipation of Peyton Manning being healthy enough for Week One, the drama just continues to pile on. Jim Irsay has steadily been posting some tweets that make me cringe every time I read them.
I'm not sure how much faith to put into the legitimacy of his messages, but after this report from JMV, I think it's time to seriously consider the weight of Irsay's words:

-There was the Rams-K Warner Sup year./ There was Patriot 2001-Brady Sup.year.— Every year. is interesting n unpredictable in NFL!!!! -This ain't a dream no more…it's the real thing..give me a second,let me get it 2gether, just got 2 pick myself up off the floor -Stampedblue and Jon Bauges/random or silly tweets,they r not..ur not hearing what I'm saying..riddle n codes r done4a reason,but it's there

This tweet was posted about an hour ago:

Thou Jim L muddered those famous words n Apollo 13..I like,n the movie,Ed Harris declared "Excuse me sir,I think this will b r finest hour."

Irsay has continued this trend of scary tweets, hinting more and more at a new problem that has complicated Manning's recovery. Whether it is a slow recovery, possibility of another surgery, or whatever, the reality of Manning not being ready to go, for only God knows how long, possibly just got a little more real. Despite all of the recent bad vibes coming out of Indy, Irsay posted this tweet on Thursday, before all of the riddles:

#5 looked good 2nite,gonna help us if #18 needs a few more weeks getting ready…but Peyton is improving rapidly..steady progress!

Irsay relayed some confidence to the fans going into Thursday about Manning's recovery, but that has seemingly taken a quick turn to who knows where. I truly hope this is all smoke and mirrors. Irsay could be messing with us, and if he is, shame on you Mr. Irsay. However, I'm only concerned about the availability of #18. He carries the hopes of another successful season for our team on his shoulders. Or should I say neck? Ugh.

Kyle J. Rodriguez

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