Manning Concern? Guest Post by Nick Clason

With the hangover effect of a loss against the Washington Redskins, which, lets all be honest, was expected, something else is catching the attention of Colts fans everywhere. Once again I am amazed by the power of twitter:

Colts owner Jim Irsay tweeted asking who some possible free agents were that could fill in if Manning were to miss time (Obviously Irsay’s tweet was a little less coherent and full of one letter words and what not, but in a nutshell, that is what he said).

I sure hope Manning doesn’t miss any time, for a number of reasons.

1. The Colts will suck
Yep, I said it. We would lose by so much it would not even be funny. Remember that stretch last year when the Colts simply could not win a game? Yeah, it would have that feeling, but probably worse because there would be no hope or a chance of something magical to happen if 18 wasn’t under center.

Our defense is servicable, and our offensive line is young and inexperienced.

2. The Start streak would be over
As a former Packer fan, and current Packer hater, I think I speak for all people in this, no one wants to see Favre with that record. I hate him, I also think many others do as well. I want Manning to beat the consecutive starts streak.

However I know that is probably the last thing on his mind, as well as the last thing on the minds of the ownership. Selfishly though, I really don’t want him to miss out on that.

I really don’t think he will. I think that most important people were aware of this injury, the risks going along with having the surgery, and I don’t think Dan Orlovsky is “guy from the outside answer.”

The bottom line is this. When ever Manning returns, he will be just as good as before, and he will get hot when it matters, and as long as our defense can get off the field, I will not be worried that we have a legitimate shot to win the Super Bowl.

Kyle J. Rodriguez

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